Monday, July 25

; She is not a swagger.

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Assalamualaikum, good day, PEOPLE!

I’m not trying to be Jane Austen, nor any Jodi Picoult here. But, my writing skill is kind of leaving me bits by bits. I might be possibly thinking too much of inscripting about the future, and fail to recall about the bygone. So, I have the slightest idea of what to type here. But there is nothing erroneous about the forthcoming prospects.

I never thought that I will attain to this position. The next station is about to set out. To this day, I am still keeping the reminiscences about getting into new places, with new faces. How they play such an vital character to let you deploying your own life. Keeping it persistent is certainly gloomy. There are ups and downs. Thank you Allah, for letting me, feel every ingredients in life. For now, I supposed.

2 years of IB. I can’t say it was a infuriated 2 years. It was a groundwork for me, to the tougher world. To see things with my eyes close. To feel everything with the heart plop. All praises to Him, The Al Mighty.

So, I went to the USM-KLE interview that was held in Kelantan. Truthfully, I must say that Kelantan is not really the place for me. Not to swank or be a spoil brat here. I just prefer to go Perlis than, to Kelantan. It broughts me a very melancholy sentiments to be in Kota Bharu the other day. I was not really prepared for the interview, I was too weary to even think about the upcoming questions by the doctors there.

Nonetheless, things changed. They were really pleasurable. Certified and very multifaceted. The interrogations were typical. Dr Fuad and Dr Fauziah were approachable. They tried to trick me with the ethical questions, but sorreh, the TOK in me never dissapoint me.

Tell me about yourself in Bahasa Melayu, was a bit traumatized me.

I’ll tell the details about my next station. I’m too exultant to talk about it, and too wretched to even think about parting with my family.

Loser kan aku ni? -_-'


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good luck beb ^^