Saturday, November 26

; A perfectly executed clean twist of an Oreo cookie.

May peace be upon with you, and HELLO WORLD :)


"If Allah should aid you, no one can overcome you, but if He should forsake you, who is there that can aid you after Him? And upon Allah let the believers rely." -3 :160


The first Muharram has reached. All praises to Him. All these times, I really hope that I am way better than the preceding year. This year along, there were so many lessons Allah has taught me. And InsyaAllah the forte that Allah has built up for me will be tougher each passing days. A beautiful scenario directed by Him. A stunning expedition I have been through. Alhamdulillah. I’m going to start anew. Revitalizing and renovating my goals for every feat that I do. He takes note, I know. He is close, and He grants every wish that I’d whispered to Him in my prayers.

You know, when, you asked Allah to surge your perseverance, comfort your journey, fortify your devotion, He is not actually give those wishes unswervingly. He tests you in a way to give the strength you need. He knows the precise measurement of the whole kit and caboodle that we require.

Previously, and till now, I always utter in my prayer so, Allah please ease everything for me. But, I just grasped one thing, which I overlooked to ask him that is to increase the faith and the enslavement to Him. Tawakal to Allah. Reading about Zaynab Al-Ghazali has enhanced the poise for me to go out further. She is one of the miraculous women with a very resilient faith.

Going a little bit astray here, exam is just around the corner. I need to always retain myself that, I shall not be petrified of examinations as Allah has planned the finest for me. I only need to do the best for Him. He looks upon our struggles and He will recompense us. If It’s not here, now, it will be the hereafter. As an exam-oriented molded generation, I am thoughtlessly became doctrine by the datum that when it is exam, we need to be afraid and study! Study! Study! And yes, study. For almost 13 years as a student, we all have become the victim of this particular internal secularism. It’s exhausting and never ending. But, when, we do it, because Allah wants us to do it, sincerely (which is too elusive for us to judge), we must do it with all our heart.

Ibu always reminds me that, we have to be a joyful individual when receiving knowledge. Be lively and contribute more than just sitting silently at the bench. To some degree that we’ve shared are in fact owns by Allah but He communicates to us through the people who has shared it. Beautiful isn’t it?

Till then,

3 : 160 , A LOVELY VERSE ♥

Sunday, November 20

; Smile, and enjoy the tense.

Assalamualaikum people! And good day ahead.

I know, I know very well, that I had promised to you to post about my nearly 3 months stay in India. But then again, reality life works better and efficiently till I forgot about the virtual life awaiting me here. Cyber life does not works for my remedy and getting full bliss as far I as I concern. For time being, yes.

I am in a room. A place, which not much people aware of its existence. Quite, and I am with my bestfriend. MR MUSCLE. He looks so gorgeous without the skin. Blimey. W
ell, actually, I am in the mode of examinations and continuous assesment 1 is coming up less than a week if you are ignoring the fact that I sleep a lot these days. Grrr. Due to the really nice cool weather (it's winter here, in Belgaum) I can't do much but, treating my blanket fairly.

Pffts, but I know, Dr Ravishankar must be hopeful, Dr Sharmishtra wants the best from everybody.

The most important matter is that : ALLAH WANTS WE TO BE THE BEST AT WHAT WE ARE CURRENTLY DOING. So, have faith in Him. He will definitely help you.

Source : Google image

I shall not worry about the results, I should give the best, by reading and putting the best effort I can to reach the satisfaction to be the best!


Till then, wish me luck. No, wish me by praying for me. InsyaALLAH.


Sunday, October 30

; Of turquoise braces, and a short update.

May peace be upon you.

Just took off the thick stainless steel on my teeth, and replaced them with a thinner steel. And it's turquoise!

A short update. I am having my intermediates time, where I am moving to a new phase of life. Believe it or not, I need to be ready. I'm reaching the age of 21 by next April 14.

Oh, and guess what? I will post about India, InsyaAllah if I am not getting too absorbed with Lippincots, only then I'll blog.

Till then,

Don't miss me much.

Sunday, August 7


Assalamualaikum people.

I am officially an International Baccalaureate Diploma holder. Take that!

Will soon, post the pictures :)

2 years of berries and gourd.


Wednesday, August 3

; Looking good with the steel.

Assalamualaikum and greetings!

Because, it happened that I took my passport-sized picture with my smile widely open and the steel brackets dented all over my teeth wanted to be seen too. The awkward moment when you choose to smile like this :D or like this :) . Ibu will always ask me to smile like :) But, in the end..

I chose :D

Looking hot and good yaw. Mari membanggakan Dr Chua kerana jasa baik beliau atas senyuman gigi besi aku ini -_________-'

Senyum itu sedekah. Mari bersenyum-senyuman :DD

Those forms are pissing me offffffff. Aaaa. Tapi apa nak buat, MARA kekasih hatiku sejak 4 tahun dulu.

Hidup kena bersyukur.

Saturday, July 30

; Getting ready. Set, GO!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and hello beautiful people out there !

Less than 24 hours, there will be no imp beside you. You and your own covetousness. I speak on behalf myself too. Last post, about Daten Inc. was entirely written by me from last Ramadhan, which was last year. Mind all the lingos, the typos and the gobbledygooks. Keeping those kind of memories will be heroic, once you have your own family and letting them know about your past.

Expecting the better Ramadhan this year, and more eminence time with the family. In less than 40 days, I’m leaving the luxuries of home.The scent of the atmosphere around here. I believe to treasure and revere everything that Allah has put me through. Good or debauched.

"O Allah, please hear my pray. Guide me and lend me a little perseverance of The Prophet Muhammad PBUH to keep holding on. Everything will be okay, if it’s not okay, it is not the end. Ameen"

Mari membeli-belah sempena kedatangan Ramadhan. Fridge must be full with foods. Paradoxically, yes, I’m not kidding. Pretzels, please.

Ciao, wasalam (:

; The Story of Us. Aku ingat.

Salam Al-Mubarak ! (Kurang dari 72 jam)

Nota ini aku tujukan khas untuk sahabat-sahabat aku yang aku sayang sampai, akhirat kelak. Sahabat-sahabat yang banyak berkongsi suka, duka, tonggek, mantap dan apa-apa sahaja la. Skema eh? Aku tahu, aku memang skema pun. Memang aku paling skema, ye la, aku LDP dulu dalam kalangan korang. Poyo? Aku tahu, sebab tu aku dah insaf sekarang. Tapi aku rasa, Roro lagi skema. Sebab dia rajin study. Tak pun Qil. Takkk, aku rasa tak seorang pun skema dalam kalangan kita, kita skema bertempat. Betul tak? Dah tiga tahun. Kejap je. Esok lusa, ada orang bagi kad kahwinggg.

Wahai Daten Inc,
Ingat tak terjadinya bonding antara kita start bila? Aku tahu korang ingat. Sebab, masa kau first datang Beseri, aku, Aleen, Mole (Tiq), Sepp je lah yang suka gila. Campur sikit lah scene Laila. Aku ingat time Aleen dgn Tiq tunggu aku masa solat Maghrib kat tepi blok, sampai kena chop dgn senior. Denda time roll-call. Tapi aku bangga sebab rasa benda tu sama-sama. Sampai sekarang.

Time by time, kita gerak meluaskan empayar, kita lepak kat kelas Glorious, buat mcm port sendiri, sampai Panem naik menyampah. Masa tu classmate aku kat Noble pun aku tak kenal. Aleen lagi lah, siap kata kelas dia baik sgt. Aku rasa tak homesick langsung time tu, sbb, aku ada korang.

Itu masa SEM 1.
Tapi, masa tu gak la, aku terminat sorang mamat ni (rasa bodoh gak ah). Dulu. Lepas, aku aku rapat pulak dengan Ainun, minah ni memang suka gelak. Pun buat aku gelak. Time kat kelas pulak aku duduk sebelah minag cengeng ni, nama dia Sherry (bajet duduk London) Tak, dia mmg comel. Aku igt time sem 1 kan, masa tu buat akaun. Kelas cikgu Kasuma, tetiba budak ni nangis, TGH BUAT AKAUN kot. Aku dah blur nak buat apa. Lepas tu, cikgu datang kata "Awak, kenapa nangis?" Aku pun buat-buat baik, pujuk Sherry. Comel tak? Aku nak gelak gak masa tu, sbb aku tak HOMESICK langsung! Pelik kan?

Aku pernah gaduh dgn Aleen, sbb RoCa. Aku pernah bengang dgn Ainun sbb internal conflict, kiranya, kita semua pernah GADUH. Bukan GADUH, cuma mendekatkan diri lagi dgn each other. Kan? Aku igt semua.

Aku ingat time Aleen dgn aku naik bas dari KANGAR nak balik KL. Masa tu takde duit. Serioussss, takde, ada 2 ringgit je kot. Nasib lah, ada air mineral. Dekat R&R Bukit Gantang, kita dapat beli nasi lemak kan? Itu pun kongsi. Aku rasa tak malu pun nak cerita benda tu, sebab aku bangga time susah kita rasa sama-sama.

Aku igt lagi, masa tu bulan puasa, kat bilik Sepp. Tgh main UNO. Masa tu plak lah, Cikgu Hasmah round bilik, igt nak buat spot check, dgn gelabahnya, semua org campak kad UNO bawah tikar. Rupa-rupanya cikgu bagi kuih Moreh. Main UNO je pun, bukan POKER kad. Bengong gak lah masa tu, sebb igt tak boleh bwk UNO. Plus masa tu, aku rasa mcm malas nak gi Terawikh, pernah gak la, aku main sorok-sorok dgn korang kat bila HELL tu. Bodoh je kan? Tapi seronok aku rasa samapai la ni.

Yang paling best, time lepak kat rumah pak cik Sepp kat Kangar. Ada ke org gaji dia kata, kita menari-nari time malam tu? Tak ke bangong, tak pulak lah kita org buat tebiat nak buat kerja tak malu tu. Haishh, time tu, aku seronok sbb tgh deep crush dgn seorang mamat ni (bengonggggg gila, sbb skrg ni, aku rasa ada je org lagi bagussss dr dia. HAHAHA) Time tu, aku tgh addicted dgn lagu Hey There Delilah. Igt tak? Kalau lagu tu keluar je radio, aku jadi sengal. Kalau makan kat DS, time tu bila dah habis seboleh-boleh nak buat annoucement nak keluar DS, dgn kepoyoan bunyi kerusi.

Yang best time sahur terakhir kat DS sbb pagi tu nak blah balik KL bukak puasa dgn Pak Lah kat KLCC sbb astronaut negara. Time tu pulak laaaa aku kena interview dgn TV Jepun pastu aku ckp pasal landing kat BULAN. Aku cetek GENERAL KNOWLEDGE MASA TU. Pakai baju maktab lalu kat KLCC, sampai ada ah, makcik India ni tegur, eh, baju kamu cantik la, ada buat nasyid ka? -_-!

Itu Ramadhan pertama kat Beseri.

Nak cerita Ramadhan yang kedua, yang lebih bermakna. DGN DATEN.
Masa tu baru habis buat konsert dalam BML. Nak gi buka puasa. Semua org gelabah dah pukul 6, mknan tak ambil. Tempat tak cop lagi, sambal tak beli (masa ni semua org nak gi Cafe). Lepas tu, aku , Aleen, Panem kot gi Cafe. Ball (head of Daten) haaaaaa, time ni lah establish nnye nama Datin inc. Siap ada TAG MEJA : DATIN INC. Aku rasa macam "lame" lah first-first tu, tapi lama-lama, semua org tahu, tempat tu, tempat Datin. Sampai Rahim pun tahu, Cikgu Rodzi pun tahu. Ramadhan masa tu tough jugak. Sebab masa tu nak Trial. Semua org pulun studyyy. Aku pun. BML, sarang kami.

Aku igt, masa sahur, setiap sahur. Aku suruh Ball kejut aku. Sebab aku tahu kalau dia kejut aku akua mesti bgun, sebab apa? sebab suara dia yang " ADIBAAAAAAAAH, BANGUN CEPATTTTTTTT, SAHUUUUUUUR!!!" Selagi aku tak bgn, selagi tu suara dia akan memekak mcm haish. Aku mesti kena bangun. Tak pun dia akan straight forward gi katil aku, gegar aku. Aku igt lagi time tu, Yani, Ball kejut aku, sebab apa? Sebab nak tgk SEPUTEH QASEH RAMADHAN. Sebab nak tgk FAHRIN AHMAD. Masa sahur plak, org pertama samapi kitaorg, org terakhir blah, pun kitaorg. Siap kutuk ARASH MOHD sebab jadi suami DAYUS, IFA RAZIAH sebab jadi PEREMPUAN SETAN, aku igt lagi. Time aku kata FAHRIN bengong sebab pilih janda org. Macam takde perempuan lain. Aku igt.

Aku igt lagi, kalau time buka, semua org akan beli lauk, pastu sharee. Lagi-lagi Yan, tak pun Tiq, sebab dia suka telur. Aku igt masa tu semua mata ngerling kat meja kita sebab kita paling bising. Bising sgt. Aku rasa dorang jealous. Lagi-lagi geng MAMA HOT. Hahaha, bengong. Aku ingat lagi ada satu buka puasa tu, Aleen, dgn Yani, Ainun! Nyanyi lagu Celine Dion. Bapak doh kuat sampai Cikgu Nik dengar. Dgn LDP-LDP pun kena ketuk ketampi. HAMPEH BETUL! Aku ingat lagi, kalau time tu Cikgu Hafizi yang jadi IMAM, memang kita masakkk, menghadapi tajwid bacaan dia yang dalam tu. Aku ingat lagi, lepas tu, moreh ramai-ramai kat bilik Roro, Ball, Ika, dgn Que. Kita memang selalu sama-sama. Sampai waktu EEG, pun nak duduk sesama, tak nak duduk dgn kelas.

Aku takde waktu ini. Bertugas. Haha, aku LDP wei.

Si Tonggek dan Si Cunnn. <3

Minggu SPM. Mak Que masak Bihun Sup. Kami dapat Muruku freee.

Raya terakhir di Beseri. Tema - Putih. Idea aku kot.

Riadah kami.

Annual dinner yang tak seberapa. SEMUA NAK CUNN. Haha.

The portrait :) Epic.

Buka Puasa Perdana. Muka 16 tahun. Rinduuu ahhh.

Raya pertama kami di Beseri. Tema hitam. Idea aku jugak.

Masa cikgu bagi talk pun, boleh pulak ambil gambar kat belakang. Aku ingat.

Masa raya? Aku sambung nanti lah.

Aku syg korang, rinduuuuuu.

Deebs is welcoming the Holy month of Ramadhan. Alhamdulilah, I'm greeting you again. May this month of blessing will purify our Ibadah and the love towards the Almighty. InsyaAllah. Semoga Allah memimpin kita semua.

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