Tuesday, July 26

; Of Taj Mahal and Masjid India. Unlikely the same.

Salam people and good day!

Hence, India is my next destination. To be precise, I am going to a USM-KLE International Medical Doctor Programme. It is an offshore campus situated in the states of Karnataka, India. The district is called Belgaum. Not Belgium. Belgium is place for chocolate expertise, not diseases. Alhamdulillah, I am elected amid thousands of them, who applied for this program. I not once thought that India will be the realm that I will treasure for coming 5 years as a medical scholar. But, Allah, is the Planner. He is above all of us. InsyAllah, I will be departed toBangalore, India on the 9th of September. Please be grateful to have a week of Syawal before, and be a bantam irate, to go to Kubang Kerian once more to settle with the administration. Damn it.

Well is glowing. Decently, India is freaking me out, occasionally. The stigma and perceptions about the filthy atmosphere and malodorous air were distressing me. Were. Perhaps, I’ll get advantage issue to acquire about charity there. The people will ultimately, instill me to be grateful. At the very least.

So, let me tell you about why it should be India :

  • Good teachers! The teachers are very devoted and very welcoming. Where on earth you can find teacher who can explicate to you about a system from A to Z? Okay, maybe during your school time in Malaysia. Or maybe, in Oxford. Because, in India, the learning system in traditional. Similar to Oxford. From cells, tissue, organ and system. Next, discussion.
  • Cadavers. 5 – 8 students per cadaver. Take that! I think that is one of the factor India is well-known for its medical degree. They are drilling the students to get used to the human body. For me, as I am frighten of big wound, blood everywhere (yes, yes, and I still want to be a doctor!) this is a very good basis for me, to overcome my fear. And, yes, too, I’m not alone. Plenty doctors out there, were just like me. They did it. So, I will. InsyAllah.
  • Cheap books! Any books. Medical books, novels etc. Do I need to tell you more? For book lovers out there, be desirous.
  • High quality of fabrics with cheap prices. Aha, I do not have to ornate more on this okay? The tailors are very good with baju kurung, and of courselah a sweet Malay girl like me will hunt for fabrics! More baju kurung in closet!
  • Low cost of living, so does your scholarship. MARA will have to spend only RM 400,000 for medical course per student. You have to pay about 20%. Make your own calculation. Be glad it is less significant than those who are living commonly in Europe country, Australia etc. You can still live in indulgence in India, and at the same time, saving your money soul for the future. Smart eh?
  • It’s USM certificate. An APEX university, top university in the world. Check top 200 university ranking, you’ll see this.
  • India is popular for it’s tourism too. Say, Taj Mahal? Kashmir? Name them. I am going there. And one more thing, it is near to China and the middle east countries. As a rich kid in India, if you know how to save yourself, you can even spend 3 weeks time in Euro country. 2/3 world, I am going to triumph over them all. I have made my plan, with others. So doesn’t mean you are in India, you cannot go out and see the world. You have something more than others.
  • Kashmir (credits to wisdomquarterly)
Taj Mahal (credits to Wikipedia
  • The flight ticket to Malaysia is wayyyyyyyy cheaper! It is as cheap as RM 300 if you book them early. The flight took about 3-4 hours to reach Malaysia. Gahaha. So, homesick is not a problem. Not a big one.
  • The facilities in the university is 5 stars. The apartment is really fine. The environment is very amusing. And, there is a shopping mall at the nearest city. Entirety is just wonderful. Go there, and study. 5 years won’t be lengthy!
  • At the end, the degree is just a piece of paper. You get your MD or MBBS, where and when are not the matter. The issue is your experience to the medical world. A wider view to see things. How do you cope and deal with them. In India, ther serve the best education especially in medical course. And, whatever, it is.. everything starts with an intention. Why we want to be a doctor at the first place. First hadith.
Basically, there is no harm about India. If we say there are terrorists in India, read the newspaper again. There are more assassins in the I-don’t-have-to-type-it-here-because-reality-is-here-to-keep-you-awake.

That’s all I can type, for now. Tak sabar pulak rasanya nak terbang ke India. Mari berjoget!

Ramadhan is coming up. Woohoo!

Wasalam and have a nice day!

Adibah loves her life :D


arlina said...

so true, tetiba rasa nak visit you in india soon. :D

Adibah said...

Please do :) Save me some space when my trip to Aussie too !

jemz said...

babe, terbaca pasal 'india guna traditional way of teaching'. but we gonna USE integrated, and you know what, one thing that make me dayem excited,

we have pro exam/final exam only in 1st, 3rd and 5th year. yipee :D