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; The chocolate banana melts in your mouth, not your heart.

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Supposingly, yes, it should be that way. Alhamdulillah, finally, I have the chance to update you, my dear blog. Aha, I know, I have plenty of fans out there, questioning the contents of my posts. Well, truth is, sometimes, good stuff need to be kept between clarification. You know, or you do not know at all. But one day, my friends, you'll know who is the lucky person.

I am 20, last Thursday. 2 DECADES. Amazing huh? My 20th birthday had showed me how blissful and blessed my life is. Thank you Allah, for everything. Every person, each and everyone that I've known is the sign of His love to me. Lovely isn't it? Allah is very Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim. Everytime I recite the 'Bismillahirrahmanirrahiim', the meaning always strikes me. He has given uncountable (nikmat) not sure what we call it in English, basically good stuff that happened to me. Sometimes I even wonder, I am afraid, that these good things, are all, a test. But, InsyAllah, I wont forget you. I wont, because you are my Creator.

Another unexpected surprises from classmates, MPP family and teachers. Strangers are included as well, their wishes made my smiles ear-to-ear. I received 3 surprises. The first one, was when I just got back from Dhuha prayer, I thought they will do it after the class, however, when I arrived to my place, there were Cadbury small chips chocolate on my table and arranged in "EPY BESDAY DEEB" It was reallllly sweet, because, everybody was ignoring my question of "Who did this??" The fact that their ignorance had actually showed something fishy went on. Well, that was only the first part. I had sequel.

After the IRP session had ended, Illiani told me, "We need to discuss Biology" And weirdly was, I did not bring the paper. And more, everybody left me alone in the hall without any idea, of what was going on. Okay, so, I need to be husnozon (good thoughts). Perhaps, they were planning up to prank me in the hall or else. Suddenly (now I feel like sitting for English HL Paper 2!), I receive a phone call from Miss Tik. Yes, she called me. Asking about my plagiarism. Grrr, I was flabbergasted to acknowledge that my name was in IB BLACK LIST. And so, I went to the Language Department. There, POOF! Yes, I gor a big slap, literally, a surprise! Classmates sang me birthday song, hugging each other nearly made me dropping me tears. They were all very lovely. Words can describe the moments. If and only if I am Paulo Coelho, things would be so much easier.

The third sequel happened at the same location. I saw Miss Rosmaria, Syed, and to not make it obvious, yes, the bronze guy. Not that he receive a bronze medal or what, just read my past posts. So, I hugged Miss Maria, and yes, she wished me and pointing to a red Secret's cake box. Dream went on, I thought she bought me a Secret's cake, but hello, the other 2 sarcastic guys were very mischievous, to prank me with that empty box! Blimey. Oh, really hurt, and ashamed. Well, it did not stopped there, Miss Maria pointed to my down right and WOWWWW, THERE WAS ACTUALLY A CAKE! And more, it was written my name on it. I lost my feminineness a while, as was shouting for the surprise. The bronze guy and Syed were making that cynical expression which I felt like swaying my smooth palm to their faces.

Well, good stuff happened. And I am going to keep it here, in my heart. Thank you very much to every people I have met. Actually these people, taught us, gradually in life. It is a long term education. Thanks to Fi, for the cute note. Aishah for the lovely Holy Quran number box. The brothers and sister, for the chocolate cake and the really cynical surprise. Classmates with their unexpected pranks in the staff room just like what they did during the TOK class. FBook, members for the wishes. Old friends, KMBians. Atiqah, Aqilah, Amirah and Zakwan for the soothing wishes.

The most important 2 person that I will love to death and continue hereafter;


Thank you, for raising me up til I reach my 2 decades.
Loving me, educating me, showering me with everything that I desired,
No, I am not good with words. Only Allah knows, what He has planned for me
all these 20 years of living on Earth.

Pondering back again for my 20 years of breathing, should have reflect things that I did to convey my love to The Creator. Hopefully, this age will be with His bless and love, and the duty of Khalifah on earth will be filled with responsibility. InsyaAllah.


Adibah, 20.

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imah said...

^^ i can i managined ur face when all that sequel happened ^^

OMG!! i really wanted 2 knw the bronze guy bebeh =P..

semoga jodoh kita berpanjangan..