Thursday, April 21

; The power of tawakkal.

With the name of Allah, The Most Generous, and Loving.

So, I have ended my Chemistry and Biology paper. Two confusing and sometimes annoying papers. Actually it consists of net 6 papers. Though, I must admit, the lack of knowledge, the confusing facts, were dooming me down. ALHAMDULILLAH, ALHAMDULILLAH. Just to share some unique and the powerful story of why TAWAKAL is the best solution after all the non-stop effort.

I did my Paper 3 just now. Well, enough said, I did not read whatever Fats and Naq were discussing, deep in my heart, it was like a bomb in the head, it exploded in silence. I remained relaxed and just take a glance of each assessment statement. When the teachers gave the instruction to enter the hall, with the heavy feelings and worry, I give it all to Allah to help me. Well, it started since last night when myself could not finish all the syllabus and yet, to memorise every each of the facts. Seems impossible, but, truthfully, it is not, Allah is there all the time to help you.

So, I was astounded by the words in the surau, it stated that, "You cannot manage to achieve everything in your life without His help, so, tawakal is the best solution". Well, firstly, I had my doubt. Yes, indeed the syaitan is so stupid, to notice that I am not that stupid. Dumbass. So, still with my notes in the hand, reading it through for the last time, entering the hall with tawakal. Try it, the feeling is so awesome. But before that, pray hard that, whatever you read may come out in the exams, because believe it or not, it happened to me. Subhanallah, subhanallah. All te praise to Him.

The conclusion? Read, read, read, and do not give up. In the end of the day, Allah is the one with Ar-Razzaq. He is the one who will give us the rezeki (I am not sure what we call it in English)

Love Allah, Love yourself, have a good and brilliant life.

Deebs :)

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