Friday, April 8

; My heart will go on.

Sunny evening. Sitting in the room, typing stuff in the blog, is no doubt a good therapy. At least, I am being reflective to whatever, I have done all this week. Hectic and contented. Alhamdulillah. Sometimes, I lost faith in myself. Trying to figure out, the old me, who did not care about what others' were saying. But, to be truth, Allah, has given me the opportunity to feel the way of what others' feel. I am experiencing them.

Losing faith, is just a temporary decline. It will be shifted gradually as you ask Allah for help. He is there, Adibah. Go and look, read His signs. They come in various forms. Leaving this place soon, I cannot actually decide, to be sad or jumping happily. All the tears, laughters, and whatever, happened along the journey taught me. Cliche` yes, I know. You too. Have the same experience.

There is no time for me to lose the faith. Optimistic, and just go for it! WHOAAAA. Adibah hebat kot. She is a girl with big heart, and very enthusiastic. Brilliant and very independent. Strong and good. She will stick to The Only One. Allah.

Seriousss, ingat yang semua kita ini, hebat. Tak pernah Allah ciptakan sesuatu itu tanpa sebab. You are here for something, go and look for it. I will smile, or I will never. I never fake them. Thats, is why, sometimes, I leave to people to judge, if they can really think.

Truth is I want to eat something exotic, I want to go Thai Thai. TOMYAMMMMM :(

Oh, please actually reflect on this post. It is a serious post.

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imah said...

jom thai thai thailand ^^