Sunday, March 13

; Two strands separated.

Peace be upon you.

Clicking through the people in the so-called social network, then I saw you. Your picture, out of nowhere. We've been far away. Very far. Waving a 'hi' is the least thing I could do. I wish, you knew.

Always, I have this kind of behavior of avoiding someone, I admired. Once, I remember, Teacher Noni, said exactly the same thing. Just approach the person. Darn, NO WAY.

Waiting for miracles to happen. Waiting for him, to discover himself. We used to be so close. We used to be mad to one another. But, honestly, it was very easy to be honest to you.

I remember the time when, you 'shushed' me. Grr, I was freaking mad. Then, you knew from someone, that I was mad at you. You said sorry. Indeed, you explained the whole situation all over again.

I remember, on the trip to the North. You whisper something to my ears. And that was when I was acting I was deeply asleep. Haha, I heard you, loser. Darkness won't tear me apart. I am not scared of darkness. Boo.

Yes, I remember, the time when you sang me 'Hey there Adibah'. Yes.

And this is just another romantic fantasy before the next destination.

52 days to end this. 52 more days.

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imah said...

^^ aku tunggu heheh