Friday, March 11

; Pity JAPAN, but Palestine?

Assalamualaikum wbt.

'Pray for Japan', 'Oh God, please save Japan', 'Japan, I am with you' - Adapted from Newsfeed, Facebook. No offense.

Yes, Tsunami has destroyed the whole Japan. YESSSS. Yes, I acknowledge that people. I live with technology.

How about the people, in Egypt? Libya? Or even the biggest prison in the whole universe? PALESTINE?

Say I am a racist. SAY IT OUT LOUD. I don't care. I mixed with those Chinese, Indian, Punjabi, and name them, since my childhood.

Some people are still losers at thinking to prioritize things like this. Religion become their last choice. Most important, the secularism, that they have been sought with.

May Japan be safe, and cure.

Disaster in Japan, crash in New Zealand and Australia, revolution in Egypt and Libya, Theory of Domino, Allah is trying to show us something, but many of us do not THINK.

Manusia mudah lupa.


Rabiatul said...

sama je kot kan, japan ke egypt ke, kan japan baru lagi kena tsunami, of course lah org nak cerita pasal japan, kan? doesn't mean that org tak acknowledge egypt, palestine etc. just my thought :)

*adibalala; said...

In fact yes they do. Thank God, at least. Hopefully, things will get better. InsyaAllah :)