Thursday, March 10

; Getting bored is good.

The occurrence of electron repulsion has deviated some of us. In fact, majority of us. Because of the ignorance and the knowledge about ukhuwah.

'Cakap senang, takkan kau tak pernah rasa iri hati". So, they said.

Admittedly, yes, YES. I was, I am! And indeed, I was the one who was asking a lot of questions about this. Tell me, envious? Jealousy? Sama sahajalah kan? In short, in Islamic term, they call it, "just something wrong with your heart - something is missing."

The love with the ummah. Well, I love the fact that, sometimes, these people, who envy with, is sent by Allah, to train us, to test us, showing us, His language of love. See? How cool is that? So, thank to them, for God, has created the feelings. Then, should I obey the emotions?

Allah, gives us brain and heart - reasons and emotions. Use them to make decisions, ask Allah. Impossible, one is born without any jealousy. However, to what extent? Letting the feelings to disrupt your life could not give you any good. Worse, it would screw you more. Allah gives the permission to feel the sentiment because, Allah knows you better than you know yourself.

Okay, example. I was a chocolate lover. I meant, a very serious one. I can eat a bar of chocolate, the biggest one for Cadbury, in one day, without sharing it to others. During my stay in the hostel, chocolate would fill my food storage. Yes, crazy I know. However, as time passed, I have this feeling to just see it as it. Nothing more. Just like jealousy. Allah will train you, until you see it as just IT.

Just like procrastination. You will procrastinate, and teachers will give you tonnes of assignments, until you know how to use your time well. See, beautiful isn't it?

Why IB?


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