Tuesday, February 8

: Then, deal with it.

and therefore, He tested me with the loss of my Ibu's phone. I am feeling-less, restless and what's more is that, I can't concentrate in the class. I was screwed these few days. Sigh.

Nonetheless, I am grateful, for Allah is very concern about me. His language comes in different sentiments. Name it : acquaintances, Pak Cik Koop, Mak Cik Koop, Kak Dobi, Orang Pejabat. The people here are so lovely, and yet, just a small tiny fragment of people acting uncivilized.

And thanks to Kak Dibah (my kakak usrah) as well, as Seha (my Musa). They have given me something that hit me, and gave me a yeah, literal smash on the face. Allah is communicating with me, through their tongue. They said, Allah took away the phone because, He knows that you can deal with the situation. You can handle it. Because, who knows, worse thing could happen, and He gives you the opportunity.

So true weh.

So, rather than crying, and making sad faces, lets move on and be stronger.



ariff said...

nice to see you're thinking that way :)

imah said...

think positive beb..