Friday, February 11

; Madly in love.

Assalamualaikum/ Peace be with you :)

Officially, yes, I am attached with Madmathics. I have the least idea of why is my marks always, would be that low? I dislike, whenever, I did my Maths quizzes, I will be the most frantic. Uptight. I am getting fed up too regardless, of my marks. I asked Allah, why? I asked, indeed, tears were only companions during the prayer. I was punched to the heart of what teacher said after she passed out the paper. It was very painful and I was afraid to look at her.

My Friday class went a bit pathetic. I do admit the, sometimes, I have this fear, every time, the Math class begins. It was not butterfly in my stomach, it's an elephant trying to thump down my guts.

During my Isya' prayer, I headed my head at its lowest, so, I prayed. I always wondering why it is always to be me? No, instead of the 'why' question, convert it to 'how I am going to face this? Please, guide me" I am strong enough to face this test from the Most Mighty. I am superb,, and cool. Well, of course, I will do it.

I miss Mr Brown's puzzle prologues. I need to travel. I need books. NO. Not IB books :/

Lets pray for the best, do the best, and He looks upon the input, not the output. Lets jihad!

Math loves me, he is just shy -.-

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imah said...

jangan sedih2 sayang.. kau kuat!