Wednesday, February 23

Pffts, pet peeves.

Plausible Profanity.

By Adibah.


No, hold it right there. Don’t you have another better expression to utter other than the so-called breezy vocabulary? Oh, is it cool anyway? Hmmph..


And yes, I disgust people who use profanity or swearing in a community. Like WTH? Should I type it in bursting words? No, because to me, it is not cool to use that lingo. Yes, perhaps it is a universal in countries like the US and Britain, nonetheless, at this juncture of Asia, or exclusively in Malaysia, we don’t need these culture to raid our mentality.

So, what if you watch Gossip Girls, 90210 or Skins? Certainly, you can do the smirk on the face. Yes, I do watch them. If you think it is cool to converse in that exacting approach with the particular words. Wake up, and stench the coffee. I can’t comprehend why several groups will inadvertently use these kinds of words without knowing the real reason why they have to blurt it out. Oh, blame me to be a bit obsolete. In my humble and honest opinion, if you consider using profanity is the coolest, it’s only you and your own world. The earth was created for every single cells living. So, have some respect.

Well, it is true, you can express yourself through these grimy languages, think again, and it reflects your behaviors to the surrounding. It reflects the way you were brought up by the family and also the way of thinking. These avowals are according to my sensitivity. You and me, people out there, we have totally diverse angle of viewing this issue. Though you have your own argument for this, you are most welcomed to counter, seriously, I don’t mind.

I know, because I was there too. I tried to keep my language PG when needed, but it does piss me off when people say "watch your language". Nowadays, especially, the profanity die-hard fans take profanity as their adjectives. Okay, let see, “Indeed, she has an implausible talent in speaking!” and “Oh my, her speech was f***ing awesome and she is f***ing talented” – get me? A negative word is used to depict a positive stance. Even in Mathematics, when negative sign times a positive sign, the answer will be in negative.

Yes, it sounds a lot more expressive, but language was created with infinity of words, why choose the ugliest? Language itself is an art.

Something to ponder.


imah said...

dba.. never changed.. ^^

*adibalala; said...

wht do mean, by never changed? Okay, I did swear before. But hey, not more now, well, yes, I am not! :P