Tuesday, June 15

; Let it be.

Salam and hello people.

Paulo Coelho is a brilliant author. He has those idealistic and realistic facts about life. I read The Alchemist, last semester, just then I realized, everybody has their own personal legend. It happened that during the first day of my 2nd year, I went to the library waiting for the queue to pay for the fees. I was attached to Paulo again, Like A Flowing River. Darn, he is a kick in my mind right now. Reading his selected words was undeniably, made me feel a real awareness about my own ability to achieve something. Then, I saw The Guy, sitting at the sofa nearby my seat. Blegh. He distracted my focus. I went.

Bye-bye the world of freedom of fun. Tomorrow, I'm going to be back in the class again for the exam review week. Darn. First period, MATHEMATICS? Walauwey! I'm not sure whether I should plan to be in a good expression or not. Puan Kamariah will be so concern about everybody's marks. And now, I feel the comfy is no longer linger between my soul and body. Lucky me. Whatever my marks will be, I will accept it. Just what ibu said earlier. I've done it, so, why so serious regretting?

I called up house to just greeting them. I miss home. I miss the immature behavior of me with my siblings. With the roar of Atiqah, the lameness of Aqilah, the vainness of Amirah and the annoying Muhammad :)

Worse, they are flying to Kota Kinabalu tomorrow for a short vacation. Be back on the Sunday. Tell me, what should I feel? Pathetic? Everything happens for a reason, I should believe that.

Then, I should get my ass of here, to feel the fresh life outside.


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