Friday, May 28

; Dear John, I wish, I'm yours.

I know, since the beginning, since Step Up era, until G.I Joe, Canning Tatum is the hottest guy ever. Just a glimpse of him, making me screaming to the top. I wish, my boyfriend is that type. Blegh. Is there anything like him out there?

Nope, I don't think there is a guy like him. With his loyalty portrayed, just draw the line between the reality. Savannah is another perfect girl created by Nicholas Sparks. Sheesh, now I am really getting myself the novel.

I was too imaginative throughout the whole play. Thinking how lucky I would be, if I am falling in love just the way Savannah did. But, I have a long journey ahead, getting to the end point, is literally a never-ending mission. You may end up so badly, but to collect the strength to face all the obstacles may be one hard matter to describe.

I am 19. Just realized, how quick time flies by. Every moment was then, be cherished but never getting backwards. Proudly said, I never be into any serious relationship before, with any guy. The last time was with someone inspired me well, 70% of a doctor looks? Ahem, I'll prove to him one day, I'll be the most sophisticated doctor he will ever met.

19 is not a big number. Not a big deal. Sometimes, my mind wandered, squeezing into my perfect pipe dream. Yes, I have the right to fall in love. There is a guy who has caught my eyes. The feelings exerts into me and pumping up the pressure of emotions. Nothing is more complicated than e=mc2, but EMOTION. I am tired, dealing with my wave of sentimental values. But, don't we all do that?

This is another tram station. I still have plenty more station to bear, more to come. Whatever happen in this station will be a lesson learned for the upcoming events to the next station.

It happened, I met him at this station. An imperfect guy who is still ambigous, mysterious yet stand to his own principle. One with every music chords. I wish, I could tell him straight away. But hell yeah, over my dead body. Typical me. Never risks anything sweet. Afraid it would turn out to be bitter one. It's way better like this. I told Teacher Noni about it, and she was very mad at e because, I should be more certain and yeah, approach him. HAH, no way.

I am a dreamer. Demure dreamer. I lay my hands, and pray, that Allah will protect my heart from falling and breaking due to the hormone crisis of having impromptu feelings. Allah has prepared the perfect person for me, and all I have to do is, have faith in Allah. Trust him all of my heart. Someday, sooner, I'll meet my only one. The perfect guy for me, InsyaAllah.


Deeb .

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