Saturday, May 15


Dear Iza,

Believe in Allah, believe in yourself. Allah will not test you for something that Allah knows you wont be able to cope up to. Allah knows what is the best for you. Everything is planned, and the only thing that can be changed is how you put your effort. Allah looks upon your efforts and not the output. Solat, doa banyak-banyak, I am sure, Allah will ease you and bless everything. Your intention is the most important thing. Kenapa kita nak belajar? Sebab nak jadi pandai? Sebab nak jadi kaya? Sebab, Allah suruh kita belajar, selagi kita mampu. Everything goes back to The Almighty. Ingat, if Allah put that burden on you, Allah actually see you. Allah wants you to be stronger to face something bigger in the future by preparing with these tests.

"Bersama-sama kesulitan itu, ada kesenangan" (Surah Al-Insyirah: 6)
"Kerana Allah, bersabarlah" (Al-Mudatssir : 7)

Remember, if Allah dah percaya you boleh face all these, your parents knows you can do it, and I am sure, your friends believe in you, you put kena ada that confidence, MESTI!

I love you, and I really hope you wont give up. Mari terbang bersama-sama. InsyaAllah, with good intentions come the good opportunities.

Be OPTIMISTIC, it's not the end of the world :)

The one who always care for you,

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