Monday, May 31

; Face it, I am happy enough.

Salam Alaik , people .

Finally, I've found the right template for me. I accidentally erased everything my templates coding. Then, browsing over the web to match just my taste. Yes. This is just nice :)

I found it hit a long while when somebody question about our love, to him or HIM? InsyaAllah, I am filling the quarter full of my faith, making it more stronger, by attempting to fill it half full. At least. Let's pray for our brothers and sisters in Gaza. May Allah gives us the victory if it not now, then it will be someday so soon. I am glad to see the youths today, care and acknowledge about them. Not a major of them, but lucky the people are just nearby me.

New mission today, finish everything on World Literature. Go buy some magic colour pens, for Economics notes. Get my ass to National Library, get mode into my Extended Essay, ENGLISH.
Blegh. I can do this. I know.

Till then,

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