Friday, December 18

; Waving at the security camera.

Salam people.

I don't much care about how alive or busy my news feed is. There goes my holidays. It is like you slept for just a second and you wake up to see you overslept for two hours. Grrr. So much to catch up, in so little time. I don't even care how screwed up my semester 1 exam results. See, how cool is it? Adibah who used to be over-worried about the whole bunch of her grades ignores this? That's what I am trying to set the mind back. Back to where I was belong.

Nope, I am not saying as if I ignore perfectly about my performance. However, I am trying to get things with my flow. I don't want to care what did Minah, or Mamat get for their whatever subjects. Why bother to care? That was me before. I've been too judgmental. And now, you get your own way, I'll go mine, but please remind each other about what we need and what we need not.

That was what Iza taught me too. I thought I was the only one who feels the same. She is too. Well, Iza is busy dating with her A-level Finance course. Surprisingly, she confessed how damn the life is in Taylors, they actually compete for a fashion daily routine. Grrrr. I know Iza will be the best in any outfits. Ah, she is beautiful, just like me.

I miss Iza a lot. Not just her. The Hartamas mode is suddenly ponder inside my head. Maybe, the mixture of KMB culture from daily and boarding school stabbed me somewhere in heart to revisiting memories. I was a daily student too. I love Beseri as much as others do. Nonetheless, SKBD and SMKSH played big role in my life.

I know some of you might not get me. Why bother much? I'm tired of explaining matters like this to people when I feel like they are not in my cliques. I know, it sounds like a baboon. Couldn't care less.

I just spend 100 bucks for sports pants, and socks. -.-! Naaaah, tomorrow is going to be a good and bright and happy day for me, I hope. I will be meeting the Hartamas peeps at Farzana's place. We are going to have a potluck and small gatherings. Iza, Filzah, Farzana, Ann, Fatin, Oya, Kreno, etc etc oh MEGAAAN, hoping they will be there. Sometimes, I think life is pretty fair for everybody. You get some from here, and you will be getting some over there. That's life from my speculation. Just ignore the justification from the assumption of mine. It would be hard for you to get the HOW answer.

I know, it's Maal Hijrah. I have some resolution to make. I've been trying to, like falling in love? Yeah, I am trying. I think to this extent, it's a well done job. But there is some who catches my eyes. Bodoh la. Why he has to be there huh? Ish ish ish.

Takpe, I will try my best to avoid this so call game, or lamely, Lovey dovey situation. Geee, nope, I do not want to repeat it again.

Tomorrow :)


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