Tuesday, November 17

; Something about rain.

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I ought to read Economics book right now, but my mind starts to wander off to place that could actually bring the joy in me. There is something about rain that makes me off somewhere within the wall inside me. It is a pleasure yet, it is sadistic in way you cannot reach it.

As I reflect back to what the Usrah reveals to me and others about "Pause jap", I was really asking myself whether I am using my whole life with the deep sincerity just to be a good servant. I am asking too much from The Almighty, and sometimes, I did not even realized that, I have gotten it all. Still, I ask a lot from Allah.

Every now and then, I tried to heal those pain and fill the spaces. Merely, thought I can do it myself because I am in charge of it. Looking beyond the glass windows, thinking how much I care about others rather than how much I suppose to care about my connection with Allah. All way down to this? Easier than I thought.

Certainly not. I don't deserve this. Astaghfirullah.

And I know, why. Allah wants me to be closer to Him. To ask Him anything. To be protected under His blessings withal the reply from Him.

Today, the mixture of the emotions kick me in nowhere. Lost in the middle. Yet, I can feel the tranquility given by Him. Or at least I am reminded to.

Though I prefer to sit alone leaving other in their own situation, admittedly, I do not learn anything. I know I am way too personal. As everybody busy chasing their life, I was given chance to stop and stare.

Think. Reflect.

Study for Allah.
Study for Islam.


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