Sunday, December 20

; Totally in love with life, currently.


The gatherings turn to be super FUN. Went to Iza's then head to the third lorong to be Fuz's. How fast the time is. Damansara Heights used to be my playground before, where I met them. I remember when I have a tuition at Puan Kalimuthu's house. It is still ponder in my mind when I have to stay back in school on Friday just to wait for Puan Kalimuthu and we had tuition then. I remember, when I broke her mother's flower pots. When we made the dog next door barked like damn loud. We 6 persons sat on her swings and nearly be destroyed. When the Rumah Merah practiced for the cheer at her place. Oh, when we wet her toilet. Oh, so many things to remember.

I miss Puan Kalimuthu. I miss Puan Selvi. I miss Puan Ashota. I miss Miss Ting. I always sat beside them when I did not know about the topic. Especially Puan Ashota, my English tuition teacher. I was quite talkative then, and I spoke broken English and she laughed at me. I miss her. I miss how they really taught me about something.

It was back then. The thought that was wandering inside my head when Ibu drove me to Damansara. SKBD.

So, I met Iza. Grrrr, rumah dia besar nak gaban. I know that her house is being renovated, but oh lala, it is a BIG TRANSFORMATION. I was dumbstrucked at first because I thought I dropped to a wrong house. Sheesh. So, there. I hugged her and we were shouting here and there. And spill everything, everything. I meant EVERYTHING. I missssssss her.

Then, met her mother. HAHA, her mum as usual gila sporting. And we headed to Fuz's. I hugged Fuz, she is kinda chubby :) and there was Megan, the OHIO babe. OH MY. How can I miss them for all these years? 2 or 3 years? I am not sure. Then, Kreno, Oya, Filzah, Fatin came alonggg. Then finally Annura. Oh, what a life I have! I am no longer in KMB. And there was me again with the them. Like you feel you don;t have any problems because you are facing just the same. And you are not feeling alone, but the fact that you are the only one who is taking IB and somehow, the explanation is needed. "IB? Apa tu?" Luckily, Iza is there to help me. Ann and Oya have done with the Monash Foundation and will be flying Aussie February next year weh! Then, Iza has about 6 months here before she exports herself to London. Jealousssss gila aku doh. Megan will fly back to Ohio with her ADP. Babboon ah.

While me, stuck with the IB World stuff for about one and half year. Okay takpe, I've plan something with Iza. I want to go to UK with her. Yes, we are going to UK. No matter what. And every break, I'll be staying with her in London and we go shopping together. In LONDON. Aaaaaa. That is us. Iza and me. Macam belangkas tapi still alive though we've been really far away apart.

The first time I know Iza was when I was her classmate. We were close. REAAALLY CLOSE. She even bought a tudung just to wear it with me. I love her. Then, since then she is my friend. Until now. It's a loooong story. Together with Fifa and Fatin.

We took pictures. But, sadly, can't display it now, because it is with Filzah. And the others. Then, Ibu met with mak Iza, haha. The best things was when mak Iza said this :

"Saya tak kisah langsung kalau si Iza ni nak keluar dgn Adiba ni haaa, boleh tarik dia sekali pergi sembahyang!"

HAHAHHA, We were laughing out loud weh. And her mum was actually call Iza and with Marissa and others as GEDIK. That was ROTFL. Ibu was just too curious to believe me. See? Iza's mum is not just the only one. Sherry's mum and even mak Ony pun percaya kat aku. This is what mak Sherry said:

Mak Sherry : Kau nak keluar dgn sape ni ha? Sherry : Alaaa, dgn Diba la mak. Mak Sherry : Diba kawan kau kat MRSM tu ke? Haaa, kalau dia mak tak kisah. Kau nak pergi mana-mana ajak la dia. Sherry : Huh? (Dalam hati) Oi, amboi, mak aku lagi percaya Di dari aku ni pahal?

HAHAAHA, this is based on true story. I miss Sherry. We just met for few minutes to get my muffin from her. Yummy. We are going out. Sooner. I miss them. I love life, currently.

Oh, bunyi gitar.... :)


p/s : I miss BALL.

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