Thursday, September 10

; Of thoughts and many other issues.

Salam people. Hello :)

I am Adibah, reporting from here, KMB. 2 compact and full weeks. And I am seriously going to bend myself down at my home, as if there is nothing to do. Well, just sadly, today is the last day where we were all, especially KMB's students breaking the fast together for the first time. It was absolutely happening, and crowded. The teachers, staff etc etc. And even the children were playing around. Feels like home and even, good about it. Alhamdulillah, this place has given me something that I think I can't receive from any other places.

My really everything in one classmates. I am so going to miss them this whole Raya holiday, especially my bestfriend. HARHAR. See? I laugh in the different spelling now. I had a very good time with my Kakak Syafi and Kakak Diba as my Usrah sister. Adding up, my other usrah members which would likely to be very friendly and there goes my pok pek ness with them.

Oh, one more thing to HARHARHAR about is I am applying for the next MPP. Hehe. The true facts about this, is that, I just should give a try. Kan? Okay, first let me define. If Allah has chosen the person to be part of it, then why should we resist not to? Because, we all acknowledge that Allah knows what is the best for His slaves. If , I am not chosen to be part of it too, I would not suicide or eating overdose tablets of paracetamol as I know there is something better awaits me, kan? Siapa setuju? Plus, regarding from what Ustazah Johainah had told our class about everybody is born to lead, but it depends on how they use the skill to apply it. Hmmm, sophisticated, I say?

Nah, hoping that I am not put too much hope in this matter. However, if there is any rezeki, it comes from The Greatest and The Almighty, Allah.

I am starting to love maths again. Why? Guess less. And,


Tolong berubah, tolong ye.

Love after marriage, << ada kaitan ke??
Deeb .


F a r i z z a i d I said...

woawh! bgsnya ada org mcm kaw.
pmmpn tuh mmg Allah dh tentukn,
jd kte kne cuba.

ballqiszbelle said...


sudah berubah la~

go! go! jadi MPP mcm kat beseri dulu, organise them...

happy raya~

*adibalala; said...

aku sbnrnya, takut juga. sbb, utk kerja dgn org satu cbrn. tp, insyaAllah. With difficulties, there is always easiness.

Ball, lawak kot masa dulu. I was not one of the MPP. Especially during the manifesto nite. It was damn funny la. HARHAR