Sunday, September 6

; Anda jangan bazir masa di sini, tolong .

Salam Ramadhan, a month full of His Blessings.

Life in KMB is getting busier each day. Feels like everything is moving fast forward, without the reverse mode. Let me start off the story with my class issue. Hmm, I am half way done with the class decorations since I volunteered myself to be the Ketua Keceriaan Kelas. Hah, see, you can't resist my creativity! Well, my overall quiz mark was sad to say, not a good one to be proud of. I think I should get those chemicals to get rid of my rusty brain.

The best part was, when I did my Agama presentation. Dahlah kene pasang that LCD projector stuff with this laptop. I was freaking out as I did not know how. And the whole class, especially FRED was being so sarcastic to say that, I have the most expensive and the latest laptop. Ohh, SHUT UP. Lucky, to have ex president of Comm Bureau from MJSC Kuala Krai, Mr Tengku Syahrul for helping me to get into the slides again. Phew. The presentation was not that bad, Ustazah likes it anyways. HAHAHA. Bangga terlampau. *Tutup muka dengan tangan*

My CAS activity last week, was actually tested my whole patience to serve those special kids. They were hyperactive, oh no, it was the girl who chose me. Truth to be told, it was hard to communicate with them. But, they were all very friendly and funny. Alhamdulillah, everything was not that bad during that day. At least I did get the chance to meet them alive, because to me, they have these right to be guided. Kita tak pernah rasa apa yang mereka rasa, sebab kanak-kanak istimewa seperti mereka tidak tahu apa yang sebenarnya, mereka patut rasakan. Kesian kan? Oh before I forgot, I met some awesome guys from Japan who come to the Klang Special School for some activities. They were all very cool and nice and hoooooot too. Hehe. And this guy named Akira said hi to me, the fact here is he is damn freakin HOT weyh. Serious tak tipu. He even smiled to me. Kehkeh.

Yesterday, I was stalking this group of guys who actually looking for the route to the Bazaar. However, the plan was a failure since the guys had lost their way too and plus, we are forbidden to go out to the Bazaar. Reason? Save the DS food, perhaps.

Next week is going to be a tough week. Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Economics and Taekwondo grading day. People pray for me. Waaaaaa. Hopefully, I do not get stuck with the red pops on the face again. Please please please. Raya nak dekat dah.. kena jaga penampilan. Okay, takde kaitan.

The truth is always public. This super absolutely boring post is just to feed my boredoms while waiting for the Buka time.


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ballqiszbelle said...

deeb, kenapa kata bosan.

I lagi bosan taw kalau u x post pape, cos you always comfort me with your writing, at least we communicate in blog!!!

I like your post, i mean every post.


bila maw buka sama2..alin dah tny.