Monday, September 14

; Monday happened to be moneyday. Sheesh.

Salam people.

First, THANKS TO MISS BALL for accompanied me for the shoe hunting. Finally, I found just the right shoe. I rather do my lab report than wasting my time moving from one shop to another. It was quite annoying. And I hate the fact that I have really high taste in choosing one. Susah betul la. Here, I would like to conclude that, this year collection looks typical, bak kata Ball. Ah, tak kisah la, asalkan aku dah beli kasut. Next year, beli selipar cukup. Susah sgt. Pffts. Oh, Mid was packed with people too just now. It's monday. Like eh? Kaya betul rakyat Malaysia ni.

Okay, enough on the Raya shopping matter. Change to a celebration mood. I am going to the Hospital Kuala Lumpur for the attachment :) Hebat kan? The one who fears on bloody injuries and bad wounds is going to face them tomorrow. As if. I just can't figure out why I am having this stupid fear. It is just a red liquid and some fabulous anatomy of human. Nah, do not say anything about my ambition. I am sure I can do it one day. I believe that everybody has the same opinion regarding this matter. I suggest you guys go and watch AWAKEN, Jessica Alba and Hayden Christensen. Great movie. Or else, just watch Jack The Ripper, the Captain Jack Sparrow. I forgot his name laaa. Apa ntah. Asyik igt Jack Sparrow je. Bloody movie. Or SAW.

Tapi, tapi, semua tu psycho je lebih. Serious. Just then, I would like to share for why I feel really afraid, I feel that I can actually feel the pain and the blade is stressed on to the skin itself. I have this imagination, a bad one. But, the optimistic of m will never turn me down. There is no looking back. I am going to be a doctor someday. Open up my own clinic. Marry a good guy, having a perfect family ahead. Hahaha.

Orang merah memang kuat berangan. Jangan pertikaikan. Dan orang merah ni, sedang bertungkus lumus nak jadi orang biru. Motif? Maths la.

Dr Deeb .


aimirokis said...

diba. sory x dpt join h. attachment!!!

ballqiszbelle said...


u're most welcome dear.

sape nk tahu, deeb beli kasut gladiator...

hmm, doktor yg takut darah? dun worry la dear, kau boleh pny!!

aku sokong dr deeb!!

arlina said...

noo, dont be blue, because its not you.

lgi pun org biru ni bosaaan la, sbb tu boleh score.

and i have one teory. orang merah hebat sbb wpun they cant put their problems behind, we can still survive in study. :)