Friday, September 25

; Good bye my lover ,

Salam and Hello people.

Today is 7th of Syawal where the radio still plays the Raya songs, indeed the Raya mood is still here with me however, currently in KMB. No idea I have been so keen about volunteering the Sambutan Kemerdekaan Day stuff. It's very quiet here, luckily there are, Aimi and Fats, at least they fill up the full version of the tranquility in the block. Oh, and the drama team Izzati, Zack, Bazy, etc. Okay, they do really making the out-of-harmony zone.

I already miss Ibu, Ayah, Muhammad, Amirah and the other two cat and dog sister, Atiqa and Aqila. The fact that they are the six people who actually makes my day. It's a sudden confession when you are actually left abandon here alone. Without anyone, shouting at you to prepare the breakfast or wash the dishes.

Okay, whatever. It's the fact I am surviving the life as the IB-ers.

Oh, peeps, nak kecoh jap, I bought a new phone. I really live my current phone. Though it is not as expressive as any Iphone, or XpressMusic Nokia or any form of Blackberry, I truly appreciate the existence of this Sony Ericsson W508i.

To me, she is perfect. Affordable, and suits me well. Good bye my Nokia (I don't know the series). Thanks for the memory that you and I had. Isk isk isk.

Kenapa tetiba ada lagu Raya banyak sangat ni? Kan dah sedih. Nak balik! :( Tu laa, pepandai sangat nak volunteer. Dah la Astro kat bawah takde movie package. Ugh.

Dah la nak sambung habiskan Malay A1.

*Kenapa Ibu saya mempunyai hati yang sungguh mulia? SANGAT SANGAT? Nak peluk dia kuat kuat :(



ballqiszbelle said...


ibu saya pon berhati mulia, sgt.

hmmm, kite sama2 survive ek. aku pon sorang2 kat sini.

goodluck forever!

imah said...

miss my mom to..