Sunday, August 9

; I want to get married.

Salam people.

I watched Nona, the whole story was about WEDDING RECEPTION. In fact, Aleen, Yani, Abe (not sure what is his real name) and I went to the Wedding Exhibition that was held at the MVEC, yesterday. The place was totally catching my eyes. The dais, the bunga telur and even the pictures. And yeah, the smell too, it's rose. A sudden crave of "Oh mama, saya mahu kahwin!" Okay, I know I sound so desperate, stuck in this world of I.B. How could I end myself for something like marriage? At the age of 18? Okay, stop it Deeb. You better get your face straight.

That is my Part 1 story.

It was a great outing despite of all the foolishness that we had been throughout the day. The "Orang Asli" Exhibition, "Pengantin" exhibition, the colourful balloons, G.I Joe and the H1N1 mask... endlesss. Truth be told, Aleen, Yani, Ball and I were the same person back to Beseri again. We talked a lot in the cinema box. We laugh out loud at the food junction until the whole people there stared at us. We just did it, without any purpose.

We talked endlessly about our studies. Their Asasi, Laws, and I told them the whole nice thing about KMB. The very nice thing, such as our very long lost Kawad Day, our perfect date with lab reports, and even the day we spent to plant our tapioca. I know the fleeting was just flying by me. But, the moments we rainbow-ed have to stop.

The future is there for us to grab. Bidding good bye to them, was a very complicated task. However, we had promised to each other to always get our bonded strong in the term of friendship and Datinship. The next G.I Joe movie will be a definite score for us. Until then, the image of them disappeared.

I wore my mask and I do not even care for how the views of people to me. Hey, My friends was sick because of this. Then, I took my step to the bus station. It was packed. Ugh.

I hope I am okay ;
Deeb .


ballqiszbelle said...

just a little gig...hahha...

still no cures for my swollen heart....!!

thanks for the lovely evening...

beserian forever!

Anonymous said...

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