Tuesday, August 11

; Happy Birthday, Miss Dhiya :)

I need to be be fully bloom :), in fact everybody does.

Salam to all :)

I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to my beautiful and lovable English teacher, Miss Dhiya. She is 24 today! She looks just like one of us. Haha. I'm sorry if I am being such a passive person during your class, teacher.

However, I love the way you handle the class. And. the jealousy of other people because we have our homeworks on the tray. Well, proudly to say, I submitted every homeworks that were given. Plus, I did participated in the class well. Okay, at least I spoke something rather than just being the observer.

Practically, I am really comfortable with everybody here in MCB, my classmates, and the teachers, of course.

The taekwondo practice was a little bit over the limit for me today. I saw two figures of Sir during his coaching and my thigh was definitely loosen its mitochondria function. The speedy touch down stretching was really pull my legs off. Figuratively, imagine.

I need to work harder and memorize all the taekguk. Need Fred and George for some tricks.

Tough ;
Deeb .


ballqiszbelle said...


si tali pinggang hitam..huhu.

*adibalala; said...

hey babe, im not a black belt holder.
i'm green.
still i have a long way waaaaaaay, to go.

pray me for my next grading belt.