Monday, August 3

; little update.

Salam and hello people.

It has been a real long while. Ugh. I stuck in KMB without any connection to the outside world. Okay, tipu gila. I have made the decision not to spill everything about KMB since everybody had poured everything about it.

Its holiday now for me, due to H1N1. Oh yea, now I can wake up a bit late than usual. Eat a bit slower than any days in KMB and shower a bit longer than I did in KMB. Sangat cepat waktu berlalu semasa di KMB. Kenyataan ini sangat benar. Waktu tidur umpamanya.

To my darls;
I am doing so good at the moment. Seriously, I did my homeworks, laundry, socializing.. what else? Oh yeah, I go to jemaah, okay. So, don't worry much about me. With my rakan masjid roomate, what else matter?

As such to Beseri people when SPM was showing up, I can see people only to involve in activities with papers and pens here in KMB. Or else, they are actually speeding while typing with their laptops. Okay, aku exaggerate je la. KMB is not that bad. The people defines the place. They have life, not a thy heart. Do not speculate IB students.

More, I am stuck in M09F. To my observation, this class is likely to be active in a practical class rather be stucked thinking about some Plato's TOK theory. I am serious. They tend to be really quiet and passive during the teacher's explanation but when it comes to any open discussion, THEY ROARED. Seemed like everything is wrong to them even though they knew the fact that 1/0 = undefined.

Oh well, again the fate is always written that I should be seated with someone talkative and bright person. Well, there goes my deskmate, HARD. She is just an irresistible wei. Once we have the topics to discuss about, I think I should set the alarm to nudge me. We just can't stop ahh-ing, ooh-ing, or whatever. It's red, people. RED. If you can get me.

Nah, all and all. Its a start for something new. Something that never be expected for me to treasure along my way. A long way, indeed.

Off and on again, I just received a new laptop. And its HP PAVILION DV3. Now, I can reach myself here and there with this new baby. Gahaha.

Especially LAB REPORTS.

Note to self ; Restrain yourself.

Syaaban 12th ;
Deeb .


Ariff Dean said...

wahh cool~
have a great time there hee~
especially since u have a new lappie that is :P

zOuL_iMMe said...

i want a new lappy too!!!!!
wish u all the best..

arlina said...

i am so happy that u are happy

ballqiszbelle said...

hey darl...

u will always be my darl till death...

happy nye....sangat..jumpe sabtu ni!!


ainun zulkiflee said...

hehe...glad to hear it!~
happy selalu ye..SEMANGAT!

*adibalala; said...

Haha, its something unexpected as for the lappie. Sounds very nappie.

I miss the old time about blogging. Especially when, all of us jobless tahap kau tak boleh bayangkan. Now again, I m back into words.

Then,, all of us should be happy. We had fun right in KMB. To see the power of brilliant people in KMB. Ugh. I had SO MUCH fun. Sarcasm, as you can read betweeen the line. Hehehe.

The calling however, relieved me. It's not like I need the whole Datin Inc to recover me. Two of you are enough to plant this easy. I missssss Datin Inc.

Oh Ainun. I need to see the faces again. Where you and I despite all of these messes? Gee, we need to do the faces. The corny and stupid activities. Mind that, I've become so much nerd sitting next to the guy. Yes, dia la tu. Aiyok