Monday, August 17

; Point of Inflection

Salam people :)

Math was expectantly horrible. It was like reading math questions in Greek. No,I'm kidding. It was understandably tough. I could answer, yet I could not. But definite I am, if more effort and study were put into action for the past months, I could have nailed it. ( duh )

As tough as being a person with the devils beside you and the angels protecting you. People always mistaken themselves to be really bad without even think for a second of what they are really based from. They always have the choices, the road is actually clear enough for them to make the differ. However, they tend to be lost without any direction. Well, now I think I have not learning enough.

Do keep myself restrain. And it all goes well? It is easy to speak rather than to act. The fact Allah has His plan and beautifully arranged. It was then, I met the HL series of subjects. Note that HL = HIGHER LEVEL. Sheesh. I currently feel uneasy. Now its much lesser though, the fact that I am actually really tired and sleepy (move on la, Amoi!). I hate having to end up things by being silent to each other or whatsoever. I'm way pass that stage, I'm not a kid anymore, things work differently and maturely now. This instant. Well, seems to be inflected.


That was the very tight slap for me. Serves me right. Get back to your tasks. You should know how to act like 18 and not 8.

Lesson learnt. Now while I'm at it, I guess I should already keep my options open by now. I firmly objected when given the opportunity back then , but now I realize how foolish I was. Take chances, thats how things are going to be like now.

I have decided. I'll lead the life I have always wanted. And I think I'm loving it already :)

Fleeting not flirting ;

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Ariff Dean said...

you wrote this one beautifully :)
and you make me feel inferior in writing haha :P