Wednesday, June 17

; Waiting for the finale.

You haven't lost your smile at all, it's right under your nose.
You just forgot it was there.


Salam 'alayk and Hello.

I am wearing the smile once again to soar higher.

Nevertheless, happiness is momentary. Macam biskut, kata orang. I won't lie and say I am not agitated on IB Diploma starting soon. The challenge, the tribulation and the visions that I once had, finally will be installed upon me. To tune me into the study mode that I have be missing and devoted for is now creeping me out. Bila tiada diangau-angaukan, bila dah muncul ditidak-tidakkan. Manusia, manusia. Haish.

Funny how confronting I sound right now.

Five days is all I have now, after 6 months of nonsense and relaxing as a spoil brat. I'll make sure I use these five days to my satisfaction. No time for escape.


Settled with the documents and forms.
I've got the list of items.
Crossing down the accomplishments to this moment.

So not finale.

Whatever it may be, this is pretty easy. As long as it goes with the plan.

At least, for now.

Escape ;
Deeb .


arlina said...

i ppuun takut gilaa. omg

aimirokis said...

nak lari mane lagik??
lari gi kmb je laaa..

ImaginE said...

weyh..gud luck eh...

moga² dipermudahkan 2 tahun neh..

juz be prepared..

sbb kadang² keadaan akan turn out to be sesuatu yang bukan kita plan.take it as a challenge..

ainun zulkiflee said...


freakin scary la wei..

IB diploma..wawawawa!~

mari bersama usaha!

*adibalala; said...

Everything is unexpected. Hmmm.

Jom escape gi KMB. Seronok daaah.

*Kak Wahida.
InsyaAllah kak. Kak doakan kejayaan adik-adik akak kat sana tau. Kami boleh yaw, malaysia boleh.

Jom. Innama 'usri yusraa.