Monday, June 15

; Before anything.

When you have completed 95 percent of your journey,
you are only halfway there.


Salam 'alayk and hello,

To this extent, I let the mind speaks and the fingers locate the words. Just so you know, I do not want to spill everything here and just keep things simple.

Once, I wonder of being something simple by not dragging too many complications in my life. Yet, the petty little things happened. Mission aborted.

Simplicity has its beauty. I liked it. However, the wonder starts to fade away as I embed myself into misery. Sudden missing of what I see before.

I keep on moving and strangely, I have made it to this point, Subhanallah, He, Al-Qayyum' s has the plan for us. I keep on hoping and praying to allow greater things happen. Hoping is good, they said. I must say, it gets you going and learning as you get tougher with everything. I really want to master every part of this, notably, when you get crushed, and you have all the ways to handle things in your pocket. And, to my amazement, it only happens through experiences.

"Allah tells us that we will be tested. He also makes it clear to us what is expected from us when we undergo these trials and what our reward will be if we are successful." -

Compare to what Allah is testing to the Palestinians, mine is just as small unicellular. Yet, I sighing for nothing (in case, please istighfar)

I want to live simple and happy life. But it seem that I can't reduce my high level of expectations towards life with my level of happiness - Nineteen Minutes. Brilliant. I don't visualize it though. In short I would say, sometimes, people does not satisfy with everything they actually had enough. Dissapoint about discontent. Think.

Okay, get confuse with this. Sky high expectations involves high expectations of dissapointment, hence, lessens the possibility of getting high level expectations in life. Perhaps, you want it to be the other way round where low expectations will do less dissapointment then, getting back the happiness on the track? And that is why they created the sayings of, "Everyday is Mathematics". Some sort of word play. Probability, to my certainty.

It makes sense. In fact, it really does.

And looks like my next expectations will be just equivalent with nada? Hmm. NO.

I am just afraid that it happens to be someday, when I wake up I could not bear any petty junks in my life and worst, I do not know how to cut the things off. And the day will come when I pierce my tongue which is never an occurance.

It is going to be hurt, but I am sure I will be rewarded upon this. I think I deserve a better version of life itself (Oh, poyo je).
Pardon the boasting.

Well, I write in my melancholy mode. The date with Mr. Thesaurus was not that bad after all. And reading makes one mind to travel. Figuratively.

Melancholy ;
Deeb .


ainun zulkiflee said...

oh yes, you deserve a life...

in fact we all do.

Allah dah tentukan everything and all those cubban is because He loves us much! :D

*adibalala; said...

Glad to have people like you around me. InsyaAllah.