Saturday, June 13

; Senseless.

Salam and hello.

I think, I have lost my sense of writing. The ideas of writing something seems to be hidden beneath the my rusty mind. Merely, I do not want to endeavor about my good old days to be swaybacked and my future which is yet, undetermined. Thinking about my yesterdays would not bring any good, indeed, nothing. It is a pathetic and berserk to refresh into the ancient. Unsubtly, it is worse to kill off the wills on one person and of course darken the future ahead. To be frank, just keep the pasts into the mind's closet and never tend to repeat it back. Nothing ever change the pasts and no one knows what will happen tomorrow. TODAY SHOULD BE MY DAY. This is what the La Tahzan, exactly reminded me to carve the quote to the wall of my heart.

Yes, I am reading the international best seller motivation book, La Tahzan. Ayah bought it two days ago, and this handy book really a blissful. Chiefly, I take the words with all my hearts, ponder upon the contents wisely and try very hard to do just the same. Shift the negative thoughts about anything.

Yes, going to McB, is a dream come true to me. I am going to be an exclusive International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme student for two years. Overwhelming? Hmmmph.. I am grateful for that Allah has given me such opportunity to blend myself into the new environment. In spite of all these favourable circumstances, I am senseless. Where are all the to-buy and must-have lists which intrigued me before? I wonder... I have done with the meds, bank, half of the forms. After that? I lost. Leaving me in anticipation.

Eeee, dimanakah deria keseronokan kanak-kanak riang saya? Siapa dah curi ni? Haaa? Bagi balik, cepat!

Dah la tu, saya nak jadi serius dan komited! Boleh kan? Boleh la. InsyaAllah.

Anda rasa ? ;
Deeb .


ballqiszbelle said...

OMG, i read La Tahzan too and still reading. Do u still remember the Words of Wisdom? yeah that is from the La Tahzan's writer

Oh babe, I have some inner problems whish is most related to TESL.

catch on the stories yeah, on my blog.

c yaa~

Rabiatull. said...

omg thts gud.motivational reading will jst doze me off.huhh.i

n btw,i know who stole ur childhood life.ever hear of TEEN SH*T?yeah,thts the one. lmao

aimirokis said...

yeah.. perasaan kite same la.
to-do-list... dah berdebu kat atas meja.
cam x de perasaan lansong tok ape2 skg nih...

*adibalala; said...

La Tahzan is all two thumbs up! Plus, Allah knows whats the best for us babe! TESL or Law, He must has the plan ahead. Have faith with The One.

Yeah, we all need some antidotes everyday. Teen SHIT? HAHA, geee. adakah aku salah atu darinya? theheck?

waaa, kita serupa. mcm serious tak rasa pape. haishhh.

ainun zulkiflee said...

hehe..aku juga rasa begitu..
i'm reding ur post twice sbb tatau nk tulis ape nie..

tp..aku faham..sgt faham!

*adibalala; said...

waaa, aku tatau nak rasa apa.
bagi la perisa.

apa yang penting sekarang?
bukan hanya kerjasama.
tapi, semangat yang kental dan jiwa yang bersih.

pffts. okay tak?