Wednesday, June 10

; I second these .

Read and analyse. Anyhow, people tend to ignore this. I can't stand the facts that some folks need this kind of drama to make the scene, I mean any scenes. I ponder upon something like the typical high school teen drama such as 90120? Or The Mean Girls? Ugh, I am being sarcastic and so do the drama too (Exclude House and Prison Break :P) Also because of the fact that, dramatic pathetic, have too much time on their hands, with nothing better to do, hence, resort to spreading rumours about others. Pity them. Saya menyampah. Mungkin, mereka menikmati daging saudara sendiri? Adakah?

Man these people are so not worth it.

But this one,

is for you and me.
Obviously, one who does not welcome with any sorts of show business,
and able to resist the conflicts and leave the world for a better place.
Let's just make things more valuable to others.
And the karma will return to you, ceh.

Shift the negativity,
Spread the love ♥.

Remember, Fitnah is worse than a homicide. Renung-renungkan, dan selamat beramal !

Note to self ;
Deeb .


niffira.nia said...

exactly. :) i second you.

*adibalala; said...

yeah. yet, we still have to face these kind of people.