Monday, June 8

; Of selipar jamban and tracksuit getah .

I know not what I lack

Or when I lost my will
Only that I glimpse redemption
Within a possible future

One I cannot seem to reach
As the past holds my chest

- Anounymous


Peace be with you,

Did I ever come out with something my definite first time which I had attained of my two first-rated years in MJSC Beseri, Perlis to you? Oh, not yet. Taking in account, I, myself have just conceived that the statement I am going to deal with, perhaps will wreak some ugly fuss or, whatever. Inspite of all the matter, to me these story fascinates my endurance. Or I was just being a gleeful? Eh, kenapa la minah ni?

Not much to comment on, but still.

1. Chiefly, I have more and more and more friends (in all sorts of ways) and whom I thought before in my ice age time, they would never approach into my life. Until now, and forever :)

2. The comparisons of their lifestyle and social status could be discovered here. The social circle was completely different and exciting which one had mind perception towards another. They thought I was a snobby, HAHAHAHAHA. Truthfully, I am just another girl next door. Geeee.

3. First time, I met many people who were actually watched Spa-Q during the dinner in our so-called Dewan Selera (Kingdom of 'Cute' Cats) was pratically, intertwined the women. In preference, woke up for sahur entirely to see Fahrin Ahmad in Seputeh Qaseh Ramadhan and came out with the AWWWWW-ed, OHHHHH-ed, CEPAT LAAA-ed in the same tune. Despite the fact, it sounded weird and ugly, admittedly it is another loss.

4. First time, I met with groups of brainy clan in actions (which was only connected with pencils and papers) and their brilliant smile thrilled me to be around them. Plus, I assumed myself as a junior Socrates the fact that I was not.

5. First time, I heard folks with the Kedah accent and lively be in contact, adding up I had zero idea of what on earth did they actually babbled about. I dare say, I did confronted to them with something like "Oi, aku tak faham apa kau kata lah. Cakap bahasa biasa boleh tak?". Indeed my first time to learn the meaning of "ayaq chaq" and "cekang". For real, they rolled in the aisles when I used "hang" and "depa" in conversations -.-!

6. First time, I formulated my own conclusion that selipar jamban, baju pendek, tracksuit getah and tudung selimpang folded in the most vogue way (supposingly, you get me here) believe to be okay (though this achievement is banned without reserved and pathetic) while outing time in Kangar during the weekends.

7. First time, I failed to sleep when the boys roared as Kelantan lost to Kedah in Malaysia Cup .(Uh, were the team?). Also, of having a free alarm clock for subuh everytime Ustaz Yusri play the beat of hei motorcycle.

8. First time, playing the role as the sleeping beauty in a class was no big deal regardless I was dragged over milions time by the teacher and still, never repented. The definition of homeworks and assignments never seemed to be discovered.

10. First time, I met bodies yang who unquestionably whisked their eyes to scarlet and watery solely looked like they had been infected. Attempt to get the MC from the clinic, and doomed, it was just a failure.

11. First time, I conceive and understand the body politics, mostly with various manner of in term of humanity.

Genuinely, there are loads of first time.
Those are only the rough ideas.

Growing up can be pretty hard. The older you get, the older you want to be, but when you hit OLDNESS, you wish that the younger times could be spent wisely. Correctly. But what's life if everything you want to do is correct? To my certainty, wrong. Ultimately, life is an unexpected outcomes prior to be valued. We are solely the servants and nothing but Allah, the All Knowing and All Powerful the master beneath everything.


Nostalgic ;
Deeb .

p/s ; I need new tennis racquet.


ainun zulkiflee said...


there's a lot of first time..

selipar jmbn..huuu..vouge owh!

weih..beli la raket bru...sng nk men bersama nnti! :D

ainun zulkiflee said...


there's a lot of first time..

selipar jmbn..huuu..vouge owh!

weih..beli la raket bru...sng nk men bersama nnti! :D

*adibalala; said...

haha. teruk betul.
ye la, budak baru belajar tgk dunia.
I found new tennis racquet yg agak berpatutan juga harganya.


nabila said...

the older you get,the more 'first time' you'll have.

'first time' mmg syok ;)

arlina said...

i cant wait hows our life dekat kmb nanti. :|

for sure, i nak jadi invisible pulak, i hate limelight. haha

*adibalala; said...

ooh la la. lain macam pulak bunyi nya. yeah, whats are first time at KMB pulak eh?

stay you, arlina. :) i know we will make it to the end. insyaALLAH. Heh, nnti you tiba-tiba jadi center of everything. jgn lupa member la.

irfan_K said...

betapa beseri!

aimirokis said...

perkataan 'first' tuh mmg best.

*adibalala; said...

betapa aku ini beseri. :)

oh, haha. syiok lah kot. kalau first time jatuh cinta?