Saturday, June 6

; Lonely, I am .

Bisik ku pada bulan
Kembalikan temanku
Kekasihku, syurgaku
Tanpa dia
Malam menemaniku
Sepi memelukku

Bulan jangan biar siang
Biar malam ini kelam

Biar ia sepi sepertiku

- Sepi


Salam and hello.

I salute Khabir Bahtia Sepi's movie. So, what if I was backdated so much? At least, I made use of Citra new established Astro channel. This movie, as I call it a celebration as an amazing contribution to our local film industry. Sepi is another one of Khabir Bahtia genius idea to split the storyline into three same common theme, of course loneliness. What I love about this movie are the storyline, the cinematography (the way they edited the scenes is all two thumbs up!) and surely the soundtrack caught me into the whole movie, especially Kembang Perawan by Gita Gutawa.

Oh, did they won any award for the film festival? They should. In my perception, this movie is very sensational and make one wants to fall in love. Okay, whatever. I had these warm and fuzzy feelings while watching this. I ought to feel the tears on the cheek, surprisingly I was not.

It is a movie about the story of a chef named Adam (Afdlin Shauki) who is single and trying to find his soulmate as a wife, a shoe factory owner, Sufi (Tony Eusoff) who feels convicted from the loss of his wife in an unexpected car crash and there is Imaan (Baizura Kahar) a literature savvy who carries a strong memories of her past that she should actually left behind. Undoubtedly, the movie is somehow contains good-humored as Afdlin and Nasha Aziz brings the chuckle here and there.

Very unlikely to deliver the message clearly, consequently, better watch it for yourself. You will know what I am portraying. This movie, in any way, does not contain the typical stuff you experience in other Malay movies. Most probably to be the best movie ever.

Perhaps, I should do movie marathon just like my sister did.

Oh, darn!


Sunyi ;
Deeb .


arlina said...

deeb, ur writing has improved. INDEED. in fact, you are now, officially better than me. hahaha

second, yup cerita tu sgt sedih ending dia, and somehow i think my life will end up like iman. perempuan yang tak move on. :| haha

*adibalala; said...

thanks, i have you, ball, nabila and other super great friends to help me :). oh, i have this online thesaurus that i refer to. ceh, nak word yg gempak-gempak sikit. :P

ainun zulkiflee said...

wei...cite tu amtla sedih..yg amat!!

yg ko pegi tgk wat pe...

aku mmg xley tgk cite tu...meleleh air mte aku wei...

*adibalala; said...

tau takpe.
yang paling sedih pasal imaan.
how tragic!