Monday, April 27

; A tale of sisters.

Salam and hello !

Okay, whatever the title is, yes I am talking about my super gedik sister, Amirah. She has her blog and she is just 9 years old this coming September, to be exact. I do not mind at all actually. But, what? She has a blog? Plus, she has her own Friendster, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and even POLYVORE?! Haiyaa, this girl should play board games like Monopoly or Scrabble instead of these websites. Uh? See, how the modernization change the time.

Remember, at 90's we used to watch series of Barney and Friends, Sesame Street, Banana in Pyjamas, Hey Arnold! and whatever was on the Disney Channel, Nicklodeon, CN. Doubtfully, the rotation are made. Uh - speechless. I am not the one who carry those kind of behaviour to her or whatsoever, but Amirah watch American Next Top Model and even she has her own account of Youtube, what can I say? Weh, saya pun takde masa nak sign up Youtube account okay? Before, I only played with my Play-Doh, Lego (6th grade la), Barbie, some toys I got from Happy Meals Mcdonalds. But, what is with the kids nowadays?

No Need For Speed, The Sims, Crazy Taxi, and FIFA Street Soccer. They got it all. At the age of 7, Zakwan is a spoil brat! I asked Ayah for a new phone, probably I should work hard for my next new achievements. No free gift. See? Everything comes with efforts for me.

Amirah is good in expressing her own thoughts anyway, I don't doubt that. Take a look at her blog. Here ;

Where the heck she got the idea of her blog name? And her best helper is my own friend, Ball. Thanks to her as she is willingly an open heart to help my sister. No, Amirah is seeking for Ball's help instead of me. However, I love Amirah so much. She is one of my loveliest gediks that I would never leave her alone. Hey, she is my little sister, okay! Sheesh, I know I am a very bad sister for telling you this. I think it's funny the way 9-year-old kid think about their life. They have a long journey ahead! Yet, they did not know what awaits them.

Amirah wants to be a Beautician while, Muhammad wants to join venture with me.

Souled Sister,
Kak Ngah .

p/s ; Zakwan loves me the most compare to Aqila and Atiqa :P


dianna said...

haha gile kentang ur sis. hebat hebat. thumbs up :D

ballqiszbelle said...

hoi, merajuk ke ape haa??

adek kau mmg gila modern la weh...
aku pon terkejut gak dia tetiba tny aku and suruh aku view blog dia..terkejut.

pape pon, Aku syg kau!!


zOuL_iMMe said...

hahaha...gler ah..nak ngorat adik ko ah pasni..boleh yer kak diba???haha

*adibalala; said...

hebat? you should face her. mmg tak tahan.

modern la sgt weh. sampai semua harta benda aku dia pakai. aku pun jarang pakai losyen, dia? erk-?

abg zoul oi, tak boleh! mesti ngorat kakak dia dulu. hahahaha.

arlina said...

i remember those times when i was a kid. mcm same je, except i dont have a blog, but then i have a diary instead. and and i wanted to be a fashion designer as well. whatever it is, she'll grow up and nanti time tu blog view die dah beratus ribu. haha :S

The King Family said...

wow that's hilarious that she has a blog, how cute! Well it's a good way for people to express what they care about, who sings the song on your blog it is so cool?

*adibalala; said...

haha. yes, sure. i used to be really rebellious before. i wrote letter to express my thoughts. and found by my father. he laughed!

*the kings.
oh, its lenka's and fiona apple. i love the music!