Wednesday, April 29

; " What happened ? "

" Nothing. That's the problem."

Note : This is SBP (Superbly Boring Post)

This is what I have been saying to everybody lately and it's true. Nothing is happening. And that's why I'm posting so rarely. Anyway, my creativity is low now. I'm really confused. I have a lot of work to do, online, offline. Mind that, I do the housework and that is actually tiring me, yaar. I have no idea of posting my daily lifestyle, everyday. Odd, I say? Yes, I think I need those little stress back in 2008. When the boredom strikes which come up every 5 minutes, I switch on the computer. I think, if this computer could speak its mind, I'll be hearing those nagging like "Adibah, get life! I need mine too!!!! Stop using me, I need my rest!"

I really think I should post here weekly. Or maybe monthly considering how my life's progressing. The problem is, THERE'S NO BLOODY IMPROVEMENT!

By the way, the UPU's result will be released when the clock strikes at 12 midnight today. Geez, all I wish is now, hoping for the best to stick myself to one of the varsity, pleaseeee! I think my first choice is Foundation in Science, University of Malaya which is just a stone throw from my house. However, I don't mind of getting into UIAM too.

I have never studied about 4 months? All I do is listen to songs, sing, blog, write, dance occasionally in front of the mirror, read books, do some craftwork, look at myself with pride and admiration, be a narcissistic (I found the word from the Citcat), etc, etc.

I guess I should really obey Ibu and use the computer just for an hour a day. That will make me realise that there are other things too (I need first find what are those things), seems to be definitely impossible. I think I'll go insane anyway. With or without the computer. Because I'm too lazy and uninterested to do anything else than this. I really need a therapist.

Serious request to all of you : Please pass TAGS. I really don't know what to write these days. And I really love this blog. If I don't write here for more than 2 days, I feel weird. I don't feel so when I'm completely ignoring my other blogs.

Emergency escape .

Boredom kills me softly ;
Deeb .

p/s ; I think, the telephone bill strikes up too. Thanks for Sherry for the long deep conversation, uh?


dianna said...

oh my dear lady, u mintak first choice um sama ngan my sis lah syg :))

hopefully u all dapat :)

p/s : u i suggest why dont u create a novel. instead of blogging ( which mean do no give ur laptop some life :p ) sbb u kan love writting :)

ballqiszbelle said...

oh deeb, the holiday will be over soon...just be patient and you'll find lots of fun activities to deal with..

Aku x sabar nk masuk U..x kesah la mane2 pon x pe.

*adibalala; said...

Oh, really!! Wah, best best. Kalau ada jodoh, ketemu kita yuk! Ni yg best ni, dpt kenalan baru. :)

yeah, but im sure im going to miss this looooong holiday! :D