Friday, March 20

; What a wonderful and tiring day.

Salam readers.

First and foremost, starting from today. I will try to type my posts in English language. Major of it. Oh, maybe some bahasa rojak as I am not really an expertise in English. Okay, I always step out a bit from the real topics. I went out.

Guess it was not an ordinary outing for me. Although the meeting was short and simple, yet it was a total fun and enjoyable. It was damn tiring too. I took a T632 bus as usual to get to Mid Valley, the place where I am getting bored of. Please, ask me more to KLCC or just Jalan TAR. My heart was popping out like a hot popcorn (I saw the pasar malam guy popping it). While I was waiting at the bus stand, I saw some Chinese ladies were 'kipas'ing themselves (ignore the word, teehee). Deep in my heart said, "Panas sgt ke?". Well, I started spinning my head around the bus stop, and laugh internally. HAHA. There are plenty of muslimah who were wearing hijab and they did not use anything to cool themselves. See the point? One of the point that Allah asks us to wear hijab, to protect ourselves from the sun ray. InsyaAllah, I will always stick to The Almighty's orders. As the bus arrived, ahh the worst part. You have to race.

OH, there were solat Jumaat today. I saw men were crossing the roads with their clean and fresh faces after the prayer. It was actually calmed me. Serene. After the honks and the discontinued speed, I reached Mid. Here I come. My mitochondrions produced extra energy which caused me to walk faster. I saw Syud at the food counter, and her lovely friend Marissa. Then, I went to the table and ahh, there were Ball, Yan, and Ika J. Ah, the very nice thoughts came into my mind. Then, Aleen the mulut pok-pek showed up! Haha. What happened just now was really an real big excitement. I ate Curry Laksa as usual with Iced Lemon Tea. Then, after the real horrible and fantastic pok-pek from all of us, we headed up to MPH Bookstore. I bought a book entitled 'Cinta Khadijah untuk Rasulullah SAW' which only costs RM19.50. Very interesting. Not for me, but specially dedicated to the most lovely teacher in Beseri, Cikgu Hasma. Ball and I planned to post it.

The ahh-ing and uhh-ing did not just ended up at the bookstore, but we bumped into Secret and had 2 slices of cakes. Spending the joy with them seemed to be endless. Little that we know, each of us has a bigger plan to deal with. Izyan interrupted the chat by saying "Oh weyh, dah pukul 4.34!. Kene balik." Trust me, I hate it. Still, we need to move on. To catch up with real life. Bidding goodbye is the most hardest thing to do. Bye, nanti jumpa lagi. Within the minutes they went back home, Nazim and Aiman appeared. Isshh, lambat betul. Luckily, they managed to meet Aleen.

Hours with Syud, Marissa, Ball, Nazim and Aiman were awesome too. We played some video games at the arcade. Buying JJ Curry Laksa for ibu. And ahh, laughing out loud. Mid is not beseri. HAHA. Lupa daratan. My phone rang, for sure it was my Ibu. "Adibah, balik la. Dah nak Maghrib". Ooops. Nearly, 7.00 pm. Get out of there, Deeb! Huggingss were the last thing I did to Ball. Syud, Marissa, Nazim and Aiman were catching up some movies. If I can only stay.. But, I did actually had a lot joy of it. Each moment.

Until I finally reached the packed bus station. Urghh, life' goes on!

food court .

secret recipe .

arcade games .

p/s : too bad could not stay for the movie.


syud said...'s juz shit at the arcade..hahaha..teruk gila aku..but da meet up with aleen sume mmg best..believe me..gurls r much cooler..hahax


gambar kat arcade tuh cam tower...

*adibalala; said...

tp, the outing was fun!
awesome and all.
you guys rock!

IrfAn al-KeiLani said...




nk jmpe smua..waaaaa

Nurul said...

takpe, ada masa lagii.