Sunday, March 22

; Stop, Start .

Another night, yet another failed of sleep atempt. I just stayed half reclined on my bed when it was about 5 am. I just could not stop thinking for why I am now blogging. Maybe, Teacher Nonie is undeniably right. I think too much. It appear that one is trying hard to make their life better, including me. I think about my future, how is going to be. The guy I adore. The house that I am going to live in. Oh, come on those small things. But then, suddenly I think about the perspective of myself. What I should stop acting like, and start a new thing. Notice, I am turning 18 this year and there are plenty serious thing to come. Please, let the hormones go down a little while, so I can act by actions and not emotions.

No Act is Random. (Duh.) Be Purposeful.

Stop blaming. Start doing good for individual people.

Stop thinking about how bad my life is (how fat I am, how sad I am, etc.) Make someone else's life better.

Stop gossiping and talking about other people.
Shut my mouth, make it a less destructive place, will you Deeb?

Stop affirming myself. Start affirming others.

Stop obsessing about what I'm getting out of my relationship.
Start doing things to make life better for my significant other.

Stop spending my time and money on entertainment and luxuries.
Start spending that time and money on poor people, people who need help.

Stop acting like the things I do that "don't hurt anyone but myself" don't affect my loved ones and friends. But start acting like faithfulness and character... Yes, go for it !

Stop judging people. Honor them like they're better than me, especially if I don't feel like it.

Stop being angry

Start making sense.

Instead, start doing something about its direction.

Deeb .


syud said...

this gurl getttg matured!!proud of u!!


hmmm..great! awesome!
i think i should start now..

Nurul said...

itu yg terbaik.
stop acting childishly.
start acting maturely.