Tuesday, May 27

okeh. i feel guilty.

ahoy there :)

just got up from bed. at 7. terok ah kau dibaa. hehe. firstly, i want to seek apologize from my beloved deskmate SHERRY. for not going out with her today. sherry, aku minta maaf tau. not that i dun want to go out, tp.. things were all messed up. aiyoyo. ah, nanti aku dtg umah kau buat kek.
ok tak? jangan marah ah tembam. psst, i love you. haha. thats one story yet to be told.

well, tolong ibu masak. and yes, aqilah sgt bangkai katak. pergi bawak pencil case aku gi tuition dia. pala lutut dia ah. terbengkalai homework aku yg sedia ada tu. tiqa, again.. tired of listening to her lack of money. woyh, bila nak bayar 5 hengget aku?

good news. im going out with ONY. taking photos together. ahh, AWESOME (: things doing great! ayah maybe going to send me back to PERLIS. yes yes. tak yah naik bus. nyampah aku. bosan semua itu okeh? boleh ah beli byk2 brg. yeeehaaa! i just cant wait la. just 6 months left. cepat ah. bored of waiting yet effortless. bla ah kau dibaa.

i miss him again. and i will always pray that feeling will fade away. serious. kali ni mmg betol2. im not denying it. but truly inside, tak yah fikir mende tu. kelak we will find our mr right yg betol2 punya... so, u dun have to worry dibaa.

tu je kot. erm.. i want to tag something from my adindaatiqa. hee. boredom. bese ah.

till then, love.

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