Monday, May 26


hey peeps.

nothing special happened today. bangun, basuh pinggan. homework sikit and yet lots of surfing (:
get addicted to it. well, what was in my mind? thinking of my so stupid teenager problems. yang cikai tu. bodo ah. seriously. ibu said, cukupla tu diba ooi. qila said, kau ni.. tak yah fikir bende bodo. and yes i said, diba.. stop it. and yes, i turned to sejadah and prayed to Allah. Allah knows what happened. life has taught me a lot each day. maybe, ive made my mistake. but only Allah can judge me.

broken down. ehem. i was thinking of him too. missing him. eeeeee. kenapa perlu begitu? kenapa jadi begini? aku benci kamu! deep in heart, i am truly in love with him. and i always pray that i should let those feelings disappear away from me.. until i am ready for it. seriously. i just cant let myself. ntah la. dulu tak mcm ni. but now. falling in love is like doing a crime. big crime. i hate it.

holidays are on! phew, no exams, classes, gossips, ds' food, rules.. haha. bosan semua itu okeh? happy to be back home. friends and family. again! i miss fatin, megan, filzah, iza.. my lovey dovey. semua ah. ony, partner ronggengku. gosh, tak sabar nak kuar! yeay! internet 24 hours. mkn anytime. tv wahahah, aku punye. apalagi?

for this time. aku nak lupe sebentar mengenai beseri. maktabku yg gemilang itu. serious. it thoughts me a lot. ive been grown up with it. it makes me a tougher person. stronger each day. handling my pressure wisely. and sitting on sejadah and pray to Allah. never been better. maybe, things change a lot. but, it is for good. Allah has given me the way.. Alhamdulillah.

for this time. aku bersyukur sgt. at the same time, yes, i miss him.

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ainun camcam said...

ok dear,

falling in love is not a crime ok!

tu mmg fitrah manusia..u can't get rid of it. =D