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.: The Basics :.

Name?: Nurul Adibah.
Age?: 17+.
Gender?: Female
Location?: KL.
Hair color?: Black. (:
Eye color?: COKELAT yg pekat gila.
Shoe size?: 6/7.
Height?: 5'6"
Interests:: Shoes, bags, books, al-mathurat, shopping.

.: Favourites :.

Food: Nasi paprik, steak black pepper sauce, sambal (:
Drink: Concentrated ice milo, fruit punch.
Music style: pop culture, jazz.. bantai ah semua.
Music artist/band: Nickelback, Maroon 5. bapak best.
Tv show: Raja lawak. zizan, nabil, johan. korang best.
Movie: Armageddon
Thing to do: Reading, sleeping, makan ah.
Ice cream: Mint and more ALMOND CHOCOLATE.
Colour: Black&White.
Song: Anugerah dari kegagalan, guardian angel :)
Book: Harry Potter series, where rainbows end.
Computer game: super mario..
Board game: Monopoly, selalu bankrap aku.
Dessert: Ice creamm with hot chocolate sauce added with waffles. bapak ah.
Quote: pergi mampos di situ.
Animal: ntah, semua yg dibela.. mati je.
Holiday: Island, once in Terenggabu.. when nenek tak ikot.
Number: 07140.

.: Friendship :.:

Who's your best friend?: Searching.......
Other close buddies...?: Ony, Iza, SRA peeps
Last friend you hung out with: Suppose to be Sherry.
Last friend you hugged: Syud kot at the terminal.
Last friend you saw a movie with: Ainun, Aleen, Tiq, Sepp. bisink ah.
Last friend's house you went to: Iza.
Any friends you cant stand?: YES. OF COS.
Any friends you've regretted becoming friends with?: Yes.
If so, who?: APA KAU KESAH. BLA.
Do you have a lot of friends of the opposite sex?: Sort of.
Most annoying friend?: Aleen. ngeng
Most preppy friend?: Tiq.
darkest friend?: someone.
hyper-est friend?: Sherry. byk energy.
nicest friend?: ONY!
Funniest friend?: Megan and Fatin.
Meanest friend?: Wada :P
Most outgoing friend?: Ony again.
Shyest friend?: Tasya kott.
Hottest friend?: Deeb, haha.
Friend with the best personality?: Echah
Friend with the best music taste?: Syira.
Friend who sings the best?: Ainun!!
Friend who laughs the most?: Everyone.
Friend you enjoy being around the most?: Ony, Megan, Fatin, Echah, SRA peeps. mana korang ah?
Friend who your parents love?: Iza, Ony (nasik lemak satu!)
Friend who your parents hate?: Mana ada.
Friend your parents don't know about?: Mostly they know ah. Even him. :)

.: Romance :.

got a crush/boyfriend?: Crush. hard la weyh.
if so, what gender?: Male.
Name?: Mr. Hockey.
How far have you gone?: 1 year plus.
With who?: Him. crush ah.
The last person you kissed:: Amad
The last person you hugged:: Ibu <3
The last person you wanted to kiss:: Him, tp tunggu ah halal.
How far you do want to go (at this point in life)?: Marriage. of cos!
Hottest friend?: mangkok! bape byk nak tanya?
Hottest celebrity?: Jessica Alba.
If you could date any famous person, who would it be?: Ryan Reynolds :) Ben Affleck ke?
Dream date:: When I feel comfortable and happy with him. enough.
Dream honeymoon:: Somewhere exotic. wahaha. anywhere.
Age you want to get married (if not already): 24++
Number of kids you want to have (if not already): 4. 2g 2b

.: This or That :.

Kerry or Bush: kisah apa aku.
rap or rock: Let see. rock.
pop or country: Both.
movie or tv show: Movie ah.
girl or guy: Guy.
fire or water: Water.
Death or life: Life.
Cheerleader or punk: kisah apa aku.
Prep or jock: Prep kot. tiap2 hari gi prep.
Kroger or publix: Mende?
Walmart or target: Target ah. mesti fokus. haha.
Avril or jay-z: depends.
Pink or black: Black.
Cheez it or cheese nip: Keju. nyum
Cat or dog: Cat.
Tape or glue: Tape
Msn or aim: Msn.
Mall or movies: Mall.
Writing or typing: Typing.
phone or computer: Both.
Baseball or football: Football.
P.e. or health: Anything.
High school or middle school: High school.
Dunkin donuts or starbucks: Dunkin.
Amc or united artists: ntah. suketi kau la
Walgreens or CVS: Boo~
Brownies or cookies: yeay, both! :))
Reading or writing: Both.
Surveys or polls: Surveys
Livejournal or xanga: Boooo! Haha. Xanga :D
Yellowcard or Ashlee Simpson: AFI or Jojo: Jojo.
Green Day or Beastie Boys: Green Day.
kill or be killed: Be killed.
eat or be eaten: Eat.
hate or be hated: Hate.
Ocean or pool: Ocean.
Singing or dancing: Singing.
Heart or peace sign: Heart.
Halloween or christmas: Raya.
Question or answer: Answer.
Fear factor or the o.c.: The OC
The simpsons or who's line is it anyway?: Simpsons.
Disney or The N: Disney.
Pancakes or waffles: Waffles.
Strawberrys or blueberrys: Blueberry
Yogurt or frozen yogurt: Yogurt.
Kiss or hug: Both! :).
Guitar or drums: Guitar.

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