Sunday, November 20

; Smile, and enjoy the tense.

Assalamualaikum people! And good day ahead.

I know, I know very well, that I had promised to you to post about my nearly 3 months stay in India. But then again, reality life works better and efficiently till I forgot about the virtual life awaiting me here. Cyber life does not works for my remedy and getting full bliss as far I as I concern. For time being, yes.

I am in a room. A place, which not much people aware of its existence. Quite, and I am with my bestfriend. MR MUSCLE. He looks so gorgeous without the skin. Blimey. W
ell, actually, I am in the mode of examinations and continuous assesment 1 is coming up less than a week if you are ignoring the fact that I sleep a lot these days. Grrr. Due to the really nice cool weather (it's winter here, in Belgaum) I can't do much but, treating my blanket fairly.

Pffts, but I know, Dr Ravishankar must be hopeful, Dr Sharmishtra wants the best from everybody.

The most important matter is that : ALLAH WANTS WE TO BE THE BEST AT WHAT WE ARE CURRENTLY DOING. So, have faith in Him. He will definitely help you.

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I shall not worry about the results, I should give the best, by reading and putting the best effort I can to reach the satisfaction to be the best!


Till then, wish me luck. No, wish me by praying for me. InsyaALLAH.



dayanaazhar:) said...

goodluck to all of us deeb:)

imah said...

gooood llllllluuuuuck!!

jemz said...

best of luck love