Saturday, July 30

; Getting ready. Set, GO!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and hello beautiful people out there !

Less than 24 hours, there will be no imp beside you. You and your own covetousness. I speak on behalf myself too. Last post, about Daten Inc. was entirely written by me from last Ramadhan, which was last year. Mind all the lingos, the typos and the gobbledygooks. Keeping those kind of memories will be heroic, once you have your own family and letting them know about your past.

Expecting the better Ramadhan this year, and more eminence time with the family. In less than 40 days, I’m leaving the luxuries of home.The scent of the atmosphere around here. I believe to treasure and revere everything that Allah has put me through. Good or debauched.

"O Allah, please hear my pray. Guide me and lend me a little perseverance of The Prophet Muhammad PBUH to keep holding on. Everything will be okay, if it’s not okay, it is not the end. Ameen"

Mari membeli-belah sempena kedatangan Ramadhan. Fridge must be full with foods. Paradoxically, yes, I’m not kidding. Pretzels, please.

Ciao, wasalam (:

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