Friday, April 1

; My 24/7 stalker.

I was dumbfounded, when, he entered the staff room, looking good in his bronze Baju Melayu, he gave me a hit. Weird was, he was looking aimlessly. No, he was not looking for any teachers, and yes, I was at Puan Azizah cube, solving conflicts with economics situation. Between her cube and the pathway is definite only a small gap in between. Shockingly, he used the path to walk through the cube and exit through another door, yes, just an inch away from me, he is tightly tried to pass me. Blegh. Tell me you miss me. :P HAHA.

That is just a small stupid part of me.

Breathing in the air, I am barely seeing anyone wasting their time now. Now, the sense of urge is flowing in our veins. In a month away, I’ll be sitting for international examination. Woah, sounds so globalized and exclusive right? Indeed, it was nothing; there is nothing to be inferior about. A superior journey and brilliant anthology. Searching for knowledge, day by day, time by time. From the greatest galaxy created by Him The Almighty, and through the particles.

Thanks to the usrah, again I was hit deep into the heart. How deep is your journey to look for knowledge rather than the journey to find His blessings? Sadly, not many have the kind of sensibility. He is my 24/7 stalker, lover, best friend and Allah is my creator. Why should I behave condescendingly towards him?

At least, Allah still loves me and that’s the reason why, I was shot with the reminders. Alhamdulillah.

I want to help her. I want to be with her, like we used to be. However, things revolutionize, and sometimes, things change so, we will be improved.

If only we knew what the future holds.

Let’s ignite the light! :D

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