Thursday, March 17

; Hopelessly devoted to you.

Ibu loves her song. I'm not sure, in which movie, but she was partnered with John Travolta. Meh, she is indeed has a very good taste in vintage. And so forth, I love the song as well. No, the song does not meant anything. I am not devoted to anyone. Only to The Creator.

Vintage has been my way of dressing, and I don't know why. Well, old fashioned is good though. Keeping you sane ans safe.

Women are crazy for Hana Tajimi ways of circulating her shawls. She is pretty, no doubt. I don't think, I would be a big fan of her way of expressing shawls. Tiqa would I guess. I lost interest in many things, perhaps, because, I am still in IB.

What the heck?

I should have start photographing again, just like before. And baking. I miss butter!

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