Friday, December 10

; The right pick, always.

May the bless be with you.

Becoming a doctor, need a lifetime commitment. Woah, I know. I know, from the very first time, when I rejected Petronas scholarship (tell me, I am boastful, I care eh?)

What I am trying to put across here is about; you pick the right thing, at the right time. Then, sure, there must be time when you experience, "Why am I taking this lane, which is dreadfully, sucks all the way?"


For the reason that, the one who essentially gave you the authority to choose is always Allah, Ar-Rahman, because, Allah knows the whole lot about me. So, no matter what, I've picked or chose, or decided, is because, Allah gave me the shove in doing so.

Too many because, reasoning based on brain. However, believing with your heart will certainly not disillusion me. I believe that, whatever my heart said, this is it, therefore, THIS IS IT! Turning backside to the mistakes I’ve made, I did them, to make a better me.

I drew a fish, a I think, we call it, belle fish. Or better, Ikan laga. It turned out to be beautiful! It was not that beautiful, beautiful. But, to me, it is. Aqilah made me to do the drawing, because of her SPM! Darn, art enhance my oomph. I rather depict, and paint all day long, than, dissecting a frog slimy and full of mucous cadaver.

Eww, much?

But, on whole, doctor is still my infatuation.

Just then, I was thinking to have a new sketchbook. Brilliant, just like Dakota’s in Push.

Hehe, I am going to the Pre-Medical Conferenceeeeeeeeee !!


See, my passion?

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