Monday, December 13

; Moving.

Leaving this eventful city and the astonishing people here in Kuala Lumpur is creating a ghastly sentiment inside me. Not that I mind to budge out and having a new-fangled residence in Klang, yet, I’ve been at this juncture in Kuala Lumpur ever since I knew the globe. And the nicknames I’ve gotten from the people around me, as KL GIRL is definitely, give an upbeat blow, though.

I have no qualm regarding being an urban girl because it does not make any disparity. No matter where you are commencing, just abide in your heart and constantly keep in your head, that you are your own leading actor. Epic? Yeah, I always thought of that. The most possessions I like about being a metropolitan girl is that you can always travel single-handedly, exclusive of pestering others like a spoiled brat. Who needs a carriage when you can capture the LRT?

Yeah, I have no license, so, is that make me an outdated person? Pity me, I thought I lead a pathetic life, but knowing others who does not know how to fill the petrol is even more pathetic. Or pay the automatic car park, which is even additional sadistic than ever because I know some that are existed.

Public transportation is superior. You can actually, jump into the the general public and tell the anecdote.

I’m moving anyhow to Klang. Nearby Setia Alam. They are building up a new shopping precinct there. Wooohoo. The best piece is that I get to paint my space! I am sharing the room with Aqilah and she gave me the full concession to embellish it. Ohh, ERIC LEONG mode on! And most remarkable of all, my residence will be just in facade of the mosque.

I sense nude pink would be finicky. And vintage mode is in the tone.

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