Tuesday, July 20

; Feels like kicking your ass.

And I am not kidding. I feel like slapping him. He acted just the way, he thought its the best of all. Okay, yes, maybe girls will jumping out crazy to see you, but not me. I AM TRULY SORRY but I've deleted you out from my list. Alhamdulillah, after I have found someone wayyyy better than him.

I am not perfect, so don't wish I will be. I used to like you and things have changed for better, I guess. He is an annoying in a very tragic way. Not like Annoying Orange but rather be, serious annoyer. Grrrr. Why he had to make the scene as his territory?

I hate you, and even words cannot describe it. Sorry, I've marked you down. Dush!

So, you think you are hot la now?
Yes :)

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