Saturday, May 1

; Deep down inside, only God knows.

Salam and hello people.

Laughters, stories, spread-ed amongst us ; Aleen, Ball, Ika and her sister, Ami. It was indeed, a gifted moment from Allah. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet them again. Nothing more than what I am having right now. A lovely family, friends with full madness, a good miss average, nothing else, I need, if I have Allah beside me. In every corner, He is taking care of me. Subhanallah. I am glad, at least, I shared something upon them. Something that is not big, but, InsyaAllah, He The Almighty will reward us, for the bless.

I can't wait for 25th May 2010. Beseri, here we come ! I miss Datin, BPM and haha, NAHWAL !

And, Allah had also drove my heart to do something last night. I told someone, to totally ignore anything about me that people keep on doing so. Pity that person. I like that person, a nice person though. However, one must stop to catalyze this issue, if not something worse perhaps will happened. I felt a bit confuse to my act, but, after a while, the confidence stroked into me.

I draw a line, between me and him. I know, he will make the assumption of something that he will not ponder of the reason beneath it. But, it's okay, as long as what I did was something to protect my heart from black dots. I miss him, true. After all, it is my fitrah to have such feelings. Maybe, the time has not arrived yet, and yes, I am still waiting with hopes.

That day will come, and I am very sure and I know Allah has His plan for me. InsyaAllah, the best for me from Him. Amin.

Deeb .

P/s : I pretend to look around, but I am actually looking at you. How I wish you know that :(


ballqiszbelle said...

pemilik cintaku selepas Allah dan Rasul....oh that book is so good!! thanks for the recommendation!

btw, mmg semalam best giler!!!!!

*adibalala; said...

I knowwwww. I love you.