Saturday, January 9

; Start new. Forget the past.

I'm an adventurer, looking for treasure


I never realized that I have the ability to change something. Even the matter is kind of hard at first, it's never impossible. I tried, I failed. BUT, proudly say, I NEVER GIVE UP. I stand back, look upon myself, and reflect.

Perhaps, yes, I was too afraid to lose the hope. And being psycho-ed by my environment in which it was a foolish step. They were just around me acting by their own actions. They are the constant variable that could not give any impact in me. Semester 1 had taught me, about my own personal legend. What is my legend that I have to build up in a way to achieve what I am destined to. Well, its not about just life you are heading towards. More than that.

Stepping into 2010, really amuse me. There are lot more to come. Semester 2, the placement semester. I want UK so much. I know, it is hard. Never say its easy. IB is really messing up with me, and know one thing. I hate mess. So, what I am going to do is clean up this mess, and put it in my charge. Say anything. You rather be sorry.

I am a fighter. A real tough fighter. What makes the other better than me? Ah, maybe because they have their own personal legend. They have their point of turning the life to something more thoughtful. I see the world, in my own image. Not one which everyone could see it. I realized one thing. Sometimes, we are afraid, too afraid of losing something in our life. However, we never realize that loss may be the one the path that prepared by Allah for us to follow.

Guess, I need not list what my 2010 resolutions. Let it be my inner ink. For sure. I'll do it .


Kakak Zaimah kata "Kata TAK BOLEH pada cinta seorang lelaki, bukan JANGAN"

Thanks, it actually hit me.

Semangat baru, takkan pudar. Deeb :)


ballqiszbelle said...

kenapa tak boleh, dan bukan jangan deeb?? huu...miss u.

*adibalala; said...

Sebab, nak elak perasaaan tu.
I want to get thing over ASAP, without even having a dot og if in my heart, and my mind.

No again.
I had enough from the past.

:: itriah mizam :: said...

i had neuf juga.hehe

:: itriah mizam :: said...

ops,spelling error,