Tuesday, January 12

; Getting on the track .

Salam people.

At least I am in the class now, searching over and over about my TOK subject. "Does emotions bring you the knowledge?" Well, in every aspect, I presumed, it is a definite yes. Lets forget about what TOK is for a minute.

Blending myself again into the study mode and overall, the starting atmosphere seems to be okay - just okay. Looking forward to a new excitement. Somehow, day by day, I feel the irrelevant world I am in. The people becoming more boring and yeah, typical things happen. It's a routine, when you can out of your bed, you put pit your ass on the chair, listen, discover. Then you get back, you study again. And I bet, you don't want to read any litany of my complains.

I talk a lot, I know, I don't care. I can be really quiet in some circle of social. In any tolerance, seriously (mind if I use a bit of bad words here?) I don't give a shit of any some of the casual conversation. As a matter of fact, I am not being rude or what you are labelling a person as a ignorant or worse. However, I get bored too easily, and distracted with just one pinch of stories. Get that? Okay, irrelevant much. Forget it.

Okay, the bad side of me is revealing. I do realize in that. Why should I be hypocrite in front of them. I am in the process of learning. I am giving out my opinions, I get truly get bored and seriously pissed off, when, the teachers (especially TOK, and English) asked a rhetorical question. They have the chance to speak out, to stand on their own point, but in a way, they just keep it silent. And I am becoming one of them. And that was what happened during the TOK class yesterday. I had my point, but, sheesh, the class awkwardness just brings me the "AM I SAYING THE RIGHT THINGS" Because, in TOK, there is NO right or wrong. You decide why, and you tell how.

Whatever. I was dumbfounded.

One more issue to come out soon. I love USRAH. That is my track :)
Deeb is superLADY!

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